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Making A Vertical Herb Garden

    A vertical garden not just looks attractive, but it is a great way to bring an unused vertical space in great use. In fact, the concept of vertical gardens has come as a blessing to everyone who has always wanted to have an herb garden but doesn’t have enough space to make it happen. You don’t have to let go of your wish just because you don’t have enough space to make a garden. You can create a vertical herb garden on any wall that is standing unused.

    Having your own herb garden not just makes your home feel fresh and look attractive, but it also ensures a steady supply of fresh herbs for your everyday cooking needs! Now that you know you can have an herb garden in your home, you may want to know how to create one. Let’s look at the numerous ways of building it.

    Build it Yourself

    You can always build your herb garden yourself. The market is full of DIY kits and tools that can help you in making a vertical herb garden yourself. You can watch YouTube tutorials to help you in the process. Building a vertical herb garden is not difficult. If you have the right tools and adequate guidance, there’s no stopping you.

    Pre-Fabricated Trays

    Another way of building a vertical herb garden is to use pre-fabricated trays. These are trays with segmentations or pockets that enable you to plant your preferred herbs without any hassle. Once you’ve planted the herbs, these trays can be attached to the wall vertically. If you’re wondering how to water plants in a vertical tray, you can make use of a hose or a watering can.

    Use Recycled Items

    There are no limitations or restrictions in building a vertical herb garden. You can allow your creativity to come into play. You can recycle any old items to use as planters for your vertical garden. It can be old window frames, broken window frames, door frames, cabinet doors, or anything with space for plant attachment, and that can be hanged on the wall vertically.

    Use Stylish Planters

    If you want to make your herb garden look attractive and stylish, you can opt for ready-made upright planters. They can be attached to a wall, fence, or any vertical surface you want to build your vertical herb garden on. Using planters will ensure that your herb garden looks stunning!

    Use Wooden Pallet

    If there is an old wooden pallet lying in your garage, it’s time to take it out, clean it, polish or paint it, and convert it into a vertical herb garden. Use the space present between the wooden slates to fill in soil and plant the herbs you want. It is surely one of the most cost-effective and quick ways of building an herb garden.

    If you want to build an herb garden, you should. There is no stopping you, not even the limitations in available space. Any vertical wall in your home – in the balcony, terrace, backyard, or patio, is good to go.