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Most Unique Garden Planters In 2021

    If you are among those who do not want to spend money on a gardener but want the garden to look straight out of a magazine, then here is your chance to decorate your house with some of the unique garden planters in 2021. With 2021 still being a time to spend your day with family, you can also teach your children some fun ways to grow your garden plants. Spending time with nature and family could be the greatest comfort you could ever get during such times. 

    Colorful Gutter Garden Planter

    These planters are colorful, they are fun to look at, and they are elegant as well! Now that makes a good combo. Not only does the color of the planter make it attractive, but the flowers you grow in them also stand out in your backyard. You can use them as a layer of planters, or even a single planer would do the work. Depending on the backyard’s size or the railing where you would like to hang the gutter, you can cut them to appropriate sizes for more convenience. 

    Bird Feeder Repurposed Garden Planter

    Put your old bird feeder to use by making it a beautiful garden planter in your backyard or living room. It already has holes where the plants can emerge from, making it look majestic in your garden. These are also perfect if you are limited on space because this long pipe with a small circumference will help you keep the tall plants even in a small area. One of the other options you can include is using a long pipe with multiple large holes. Coloring the feeder or pipe will also give a pop of color to your garden.

    Repurposed Drawer Garden Planter

    Being unique is what this planter screams out, and you know that if it is a drawer, you can bring out your most creative side while repurposing it. Apply a bit of paint here and there, and there you have it, a beautiful repurposed drawer garden planter. It not only gives you a beautiful garden but all of your friends would be wondering how you could think of such an idea!

    Metal Birdcage Garden Planter

    Your old metal birdcage, which might have been rusting off, will need to be put back into purpose, and there is nothing else better than using it as a garden planter. Even if you get a small hook attached to your backyard, you can easily place this birdcage planter without having to worry about the space required. Paint the cage to your liking and according to your backyard theme, let your garden look the best. 

    Window Planter Boxes

    Want some flowers dangling by your window to check out right when you wake up and look out the window? All you need is a box attached to your window, and there you have it, window planter boxes. Add a bunch of flower plants into it with a variety of colors, and you can enjoy a garden right by your window without having to walk to your backyard. 

    Picnic Basket Planter

    Being one of the most basic ideas, you can use them as a planter in your backyard or keep them at your front door or even on your balcony. Adding a satin lace structure around the basket will make it much more elegant. You can also try out some other wooden buckets or baskets side by side. 

    Final Words

    With these many ideas, you will have a garden that everyone would love to see and talk about. Try some of these ideas to repurpose old items instead of tossing them. Bring some colorful flowers into your life with the unique garden planters of the year.