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Never Leave These Items On Your Porch

    It is vital to make sure that you are not leaving anything outside. There are many things that people put outside, but there are some things in particular that you should never leave out in the open. For example, sometimes your items are stolen or broken. In addition, items you should never leave on the Porch, such as pet food and medication. These items can attract animals like coyotes, raccoons, and rats! 


    When it comes to pets, leaving your dog on the Porch unattended is one of those things you should never do.

    Kids Toys

    There are a lot of fun toys that kids play with outside. However, some of these toys can be dangerous if you leave them on the Porch unattended. They quickly get dirty with things like mud, dirt, and bugs. Plus, they’re small enough to accidentally step on or sit on, which could hurt little kids.  Leaving toy cars on the Porch might seem harmless, but they can be a trip hazard.


    Bicycles are usually left in the yard or on the Front Porch. However, with increased crime rates and more people living alone, you need to take precautions to ensure your bike is safe from thieves! The best stuff you can do is secure it up with a steel chain and padlock.

     But even then, there’s no guarantee someone won’t still try to break into it! You should never leave out your bicycle in the yard; if it does happen, make sure you store it somewhere inside of the house. Thieves know how tempting they are when left outside for everyone to see!


    Every electronics item you have in your home is susceptible to damage if left outside. These are items that are ruined by wind, rain, hail, or snow. It is also because electronics can catch fire or short circuit in extreme weather conditions (such as rain). It doesn’t matter whether they plugged into an outlet; this could happen by themselves.”  “Even worse, any water that gets on them will create a dangerous electrical hazard. So make sure your yard is safe for kids and pets by removing all electronics before winter arrives!”

    Bags Of Trash

    Bags of trash are an eyesore in your yard. They can also be a health hazard for children and pets. Trash bags left out on the Porch may attract animals, insects, or other pests to your home that can lead to unwanted guests such as rodents and flies. Additionally, if you don’t keep trash inside, you might find that neighbors or even strangers will dump their garbage on top of yours while they’re looking for a place to put it! Keep your property neat by keeping all bags of trash neatly stored away in their proper place.


    Some characters believe that it is okay to leave their sunscreen out on the Porch. It is not valid! Leaving your sunscreen out in the sun can make it go wrong, which means that you won’t be ready to practice it when you need it most – like on vacation or at a weekend outdoor event. The best thing to do with your sunscreen is to put it back inside after applying some time.


    It would be better to put things away than to leave items on your Porch that could attract a criminal. If someone sees them as an easy target, they can be stolen from ladders and tools to bicycles and garden hoses. So if you’re going outside to relax, make sure you have adequate protection from theft by placing all of those valuable items inside so they can’t easily see them from outside your home or business.