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Places Everyone Forgets To Clean

    Everyone has a distinct definition of what it means to have a tidy house. But even the most meticulous of housekeepers miss something now and then. Swipe your finger across the top of your medicine cabinet or bookcase to demonstrate the truth of the expression “nobody’s perfect.” 

    There’s a good chance you’ll come upon a heavy covering of dust. That doesn’t make you a slob; you’re just one of the many people who forget to look up top when cleaning. Here are some of the most common spots we forget to clean — keep them in mind the next time you do a thorough cleaning of your home

    Dishwasher And Washing Machine

    Your dishwasher and washing machine do their best to keep your belongings clean, but mold and bacteria aren’t immune to them. To keep your washing machine and dishwasher clean and sanitary, make sure to use cleaners.

    Toothbrush Holder 

    If you haven’t cleaned out your toothbrush holder in a long time (or at all), you may be in for a shock. Because a toothbrush’s moisture acts as a breeding ground for bacteria, and because it’s something you put in your mouth, you should remember to wipe out your holder regularly.

    Under The Couch

    Vacuuming isn’t always fun, and having to get down on your hands and knees to check under the couch for everything doesn’t help. However, dirt thrives, and dust bunnies multiply in the dark recesses of your couch’s underbelly, so check there next time you vacuum. Get down on the floor to see what you’re sucking up – socks, remote controls, and money can all be under the couch.


    Because we treat closets as storage, they can be a surprising place to overlook. Unfortunately, we don’t clean it, especially if we have to move many clothes and other items out first. Closets can also be the source of various smells and odors, so learning how to remove odors from a closet is a good idea. It doesn’t take much effort to realize this, and it’s a beneficial skill to have.

    Garbage Cans

    People rarely think to clean out their trash cans, but bacteria and a funky odor can linger long after you take the trash out. When you empty the garbage, clean out your can with hot soapy water or disinfectant wipes regularly.


    Walls can become surprisingly dirty over time, and they may even fade or change color. Clean or scrub them thoroughly to see if the color changes dramatically. There’s most likely a lot of grime on them that needs removing.


    While you may be diligent about changing your bed linens regularly, do you take the time to vacuum your mattress? Stains can seep through bed linen and affect the mattress, and removing your linen can kick up a lot of dust, which could end up on the mattress.

    Extractor Fans

    Extractor fans work tirelessly to remove dirt and steam from areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. Ensure you keep an eye on your extractor fans to ensure they’re clean and don’t emit any foul odors.

    Computer And Equipment 

    Crumbs, dirt, and even hair can accumulate on keyboards. Monitors can collect a lot of dust, and computer cases can contain a lot of dirt and dust, both of which can degrade your computer’s performance.

    Door Frames

    Because of their height, door frames never receive cleaning. Make sure you also get a telescopic brush to clean the door frames.

    House Cleaning Suggestions:

    Microfiber Towels Are Also Essential Cleaning Tools

    Because of its millions of fibers, microfiber holds and lifts dirt, filth, grease, bacteria, and liquids. These fibers, which comprise both negatively charged and positively charged nylon and polyester fibers, attract and pull up whatever is on the surface.

    Magic Erasers

    Magic Erasers are melamine foam sponges that have insulation and soundproofing material for decades. It works because melamine resin’s microstructure becomes almost as hard as glass when it cures into foam, making it act like super-fine sandpaper on stains.

    To Remove Hard Water Spots, Use Vinegar

    Vinegar may work wonders on hard water stains on your faucets.

    Baking Soda Makes Laundry Brighter And Cleaner

    Add a cup of baking soda to the wash, and your clothes will be brighter and cleaner!

    Get Rid Of Grease Stains

    To remove grease stains from carpet or other surfaces, combine four parts rubbing alcohol and one part salt and rub the solution into the spot. Allow the surface to dry before vacuuming up any leftover salt.

    Using Tape Or A Lint Roller, Remove Dust, Dirt, And Crumbs

    Pick up dust, filth, and crumbs pretty much everywhere in the house with a strong adhesive tape or a lint roller – lamp shades, cabinets, fabrics — anything!

    Restore The Look Of Your Tile Floors

    After vacuuming the floor, get a pail of water, some mild detergent, and a rag. Then begin scrubbing! Make sure to wipe the rag and water periodically to avoid simply moving dirt around on the floor.

    Reuse Dryer Sheets In Various Ways

    Dryer sheets can work their magic even after you put them through the dryer. Here are some examples of what they can do:

    • Remove water stains from kitchen or bathroom fixtures, shower doors with a soft cloth, and mirrors.
    • Remove the ring from the toilet.
    • Clean the baseboards.


    Cleaning is an essential part of healthy living. Cleanliness promotes mental and physical well-being. However, cleanliness is not solely the responsibility of one person; it is the responsibility of everyone who lives in the home, city, and country.