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Popular Yard Fencing Trends

    Thinking of giving your yard a modern update? The number of trendy new design ideas in the world of fencing might surprise you. Wood fencing styles have evolved far beyond the classic picket fence and can now be found in design styles to suit any landscape and architectural style. Before starting a project like putting in a new fence, it’s smart to consult an expert. But whether you’re getting some help or going it alone, it’s important to know what you want. Check out these three modern takes on wooden fences to see which is suitable for your own home!

    Modern And Trendy New Design Ideas For The Classic Picket Fence

    Looking for more of a classic look? You don’t have to use the one-size-fits-all picket fence anymore. You can make this timeless style a little more modern by playing with the spacing of the boards, the shape of the tops of the boards, or the color of the stain. This style would suit many older homes, particularly those that have been renovated to fit modern life.


    Solid Privacy Fences Don’t Have To Be Boring.

    For those who desire a little more privacy for their homes and yards, a solid privacy fence might be the way to go. There are many trendy new design ideas for privacy fences, adapting the classic structure of solid boards. One of those adaptations is curving the top line of the fence with arched and scalloped tops. Another is “framing” the boards by placing horizontal planks along both the top and bottom of the fence.

    One adaptation of wooden privacy fencing allows for a little more creativity, called shadow boxing. This is where the vertical boards are placed on the alternating side of the two horizontal support boards, exposing them partially. This style makes it easy to hang decorations or plants on either side of the fence to add to the style of the yard.


    Welded Wire-Wooden Fencing With A View

    One final design trend, which has been growing in popularity, is welded wire. This design style mixes wooden boards or posts with wire mesh, which almost looks like a chain link but is much more stable and durable. It can have either a farmhouse look or a modern look, depending on the execution. For those leaning toward a modern look, try dark stains for the wood or stick to clean lines.

    Welded wire fences offer the classic outline of a wood fence with the option of choosing how many boards you want in the structure but with the reinforcement of wire mesh. It’s a classic and minimalist look, but it will keep dogs and small children from leaving the yard because of the wire filling the gaps. It also allows for a lot of visibility inward.


    Here Are A few Other Ideas.

    Wooden lattice is always a nice addition either to the top or as the fence panels themselves. When building or replacing a wooden fence on your property, it’s important to know your options, pick a style that suits the rest of your home, and find something that fits your specific needs. We hope this guide to trendy new fencing styles helps you find the one that’s right for you. Look on the next page for some handy links to get you started.

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