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Protecting Your Home From Thieves And Tyrants

    With the increase in civil unrest these days, many are thinking about the most effective measures for home protection. While nothing can guarantee you perfect safety, there are things you can do to seriously minimize your risk and protect your home from thieves and tyrants alike.

    Lock It Up

    Theft and burglaries can occur at any time. Thieves can and do use doors and windows as access points to your house. Locking up your home may seem a routine, but it is a reliable way to keep thieves and burglars away. Keep all doors and windows locked up even when you are just in the backyard.


    electrician installing alarm

    Install Alarm Systems

    Installing alarm systems is a great way to protect your home. The security alarm alerts you or the police of any attempt to break into your home, and the noise it makes serves as a deterrent. Don’t just install any alarm – engage an expert to provide you with the best system in the market. Studies prove that thieves are often deterred by the sight of a good alarm system. They’d rather go to the house down the street where it won’t be so hard to get in.

    Get a Guard Dog

    Having a guard dog in your home comes with several benefits. They offer property protection, personal protection, and can simply alert you when someone is at the door. If you have ever been to a yard with a guard dog, you can attest to how intimidating they can be if they feel their home and people are threatened. Again, a dog can’t guarantee you’ll never have a problem, ever, but many troublemakers will move on to an easier target when they see a dog on the alert.

    Reinforce Hardware, Locks, and Windows

    You may have rock solid locks, but if the hardware of your windows and doors is weak and flimsy, a great lock doesn’t matter. A well-placed kick or slam on a not-so-strong door or window could let a thief inside your house easily. Make sure that all possible entry points are reinforced, repaired, and replaced as needed.

    Keep Valuables Away

    Lock up any easy-to-grab items such as bikes and tools and use blinds or curtains to ensure that passers-by can’t just glance in and see what is inside your house. In addition, keep any high-value items including cash, jewelry, and important personal documents out of sight.

    Install Proper Lighting

    The right kind of lighting can keep your home safe, and lighting can act as a preventive measure or a means of detection. Motion sensor lighting is useful if you want to spot a burglar before they act. Other types of lighting, such as floodlighting, garden lighting, pathway lighting, and house lighting, are useful to discourage thieves from targeting your home.

    Keep Your Home’s Keys Safe

    Hiding your keys outside the house is not a recommended idea. Thieves know the common places where people tend to hide their keys. Whether you leave your key in a fake rock, in a flowerpot, or under the mat, they will find it. Give your spare key to a neighbor or relative you trust.

    There you have it – a simple guide to keep your house protected from thieves and tyrants. Following these tips can help to keep your property safe.