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Storage Ideas To Use Around The House

    Sometimes it might feel like you never have enough space to do what you want in your house because there are so many things. The main thing you have to do is manage your area and make the most of it. If you do this, you will have more freedom because once you get everything settled, you will realize that you have a lot more space than you initially thought you had. 

    Food Organizer For Canned Food 

    If your kitchen is small and you want some space, you can use this hack. The area that is between your fridge and the wall is usually empty. You can use this to make a tall and narrow cabinet, which you can pull out from there. This can have some spices, canned goods, and oils stored here. 

    Magazine Holders To Store Veggies 

    You can use these for many different things, and using them to store vegetables is very useful. You can keep these holders in some cabinets and store your vegetables. 

    Save Space On Your Counter With A Dish Drying Cabinet 

    Dishes can take a lot of space on your kitchen counter when they have to dry. You can get dish drying cabinets that hang above the sink to dry out your dishes, and there is no wastage of space. 

    Organize Your Tupperware 

    It is challenging to store Tupperware. The best idea is to buy Tupperware of the same type and size. Then rack the covers and the bottom halves together, and you will have saved a lot of space by doing this.

    Plastic Bag Holder 

    You might require a plastic bag for something urgently, and you might have to go looking. Instead of that, you can save an old tissue box and use that to keep plastics, and whenever you need it, you can take out plastic and use it. In this way, you are using an old tissue box and saving time to find plastics easily. 

    Above The Cabinet Storage 

    Once you use up all your space in the cabinet, you might want some other space. There might be many things that you do not use anymore, and you can use this to keep all those extra things on top of the cabinet, so you only have to remove them when you require them. You can get an excellent wire basket and store items above cabinets. In this way, you can easily see what is on top of the cabinets and save some space. 

    Recycle Boxes So You Can Organize Your Freezer  

    If you stock up many things in your freezer, then it can become quite a lot. You can use some old cardboard boxes without the top and use them to store items in your freezer. When you want something, then you do not have to go hunting for it. You can simply look for the box. 

    DIY Trash Bag Holder  

    It can be frustrating if you have to take out a bag from a box every single time you want one. A simple hack is to make a two curtain rod hanger. You can find these in some hardware shops as well. 

    Hang Your Measuring Spoons 

    You may have seen people mounting knives on the walls. You can also mount measuring spoons inside a cabinet. In the cabinet where you store all your baking supplies, you can hang up your measuring spoons to make them easier to find and save you some space. 

    DIY Tension Rod 

    You can make a tension rod under your sink, and you can store the bottles that you use to spray on there, as this saves space at the bottom of the cabinets. All your cleaning equipment like the sprays and gloves can easily be under the sink with this rod. 

    Hang A Fruit Basket In Your Bathroom 

    You can keep your soaps, shampoos, etc., in a fruit basket. This can be a great and valuable way to save some space in your bathroom, especially if you have a small bathroom. You can easily reach everything from the basket. If you have a child, this can be an excellent spot to keep their soaps, toys, etc. All the bathroom cabinets might already be full of things, so hanging these baskets can be a good choice.  

    Tic Tak Bobby Pin Case 

    If you always lose your bobby pins, then this is an excellent way to keep everything in one place. Since bobby pins are tiny, it is easy to lose them, so if you keep them in an old tic tick box, you can always find the bobby pins and keep them back once you finish using them. You will also be saving the plastic from getting wasted and save some bobby pins from getting lost. 

    DIY Cell Phone Charging Station  

    If you wish to keep your cell phone hidden, you can turn an old book into a charging station near you, so no one will know when you are getting the phone charged. You can cut the pages inside into the shape of your phone and keep it charged as no one will suspect that you have a phone in the book.

    DIY Earring Organizer 

    You might have many cardboard boxes lying around, and it might seem like they could be beneficial at some point. Instead of just leaving them lying around and taking up space, you could make some holes in the bottom of the box. Then you can hook all your earrings through those holes. You can also use the mating half of your box as a stand for the earing box sections. 

    Use A Coke Crate To Store Ties 

    Storing ties can be tricky because there might not be any proper place to keep them. You cannot always fold them because there isn’t a suitable place to support them. You can roll up all your ties and store them each in a compartment of the coke crate. This is a beneficial and great way to keep your ties organized.

    Twine Keeper 

    No matter how well you roll your threads, wool, etc., it always gets mixed and turns into a mess. You can store it in a sugar dispenser, which is better as it stays away from any tangles. 

    Diy Hanging Ribbon Organizer 

    This same trick can be for strings or yarn as well. You can make some small racks by using a curtain rod and then use a chain to hang it from a shelf, or you could even hang the rods somewhere else, and by doing this, you can hang up your strings, ribbons, or yarn and never have to worry about it tangling. 

    Create A Gallery Wall For Your Kid’s Artwork 

    Your kids might make many drawings or paintings, and you can keep a particular wall or corridor in the house for them to put up their artwork. It does depend on how much art your children do because the more they draw, the more you will need to put things up. 

    Photo Labeled Toy Storage 

    Small children might not read things if you write the names of their toys on drawers. Due to this, they might not even feel like keeping these things in the drawers. You should draw or print some pictures and keep those on the drawers, so your children know where to find the toys. 


    Everything that you read above is from things that are not that difficult to make. Many of the hacks recycle items, so you save money, space, and the environment. When things are not in order, it can look like everything is taking up too much space, but once you get everything settled, you will realize that you can always manage the space you have if you use it well and be smart about it.