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Tending Home Decor For 2021

    The year 2020 was a turbulent one, with the only comfort being our homes’ breathing space. Everything from work to entertainment was confined within these four walls, turning it into something more than just a place to have meals and sleep. Such a long period indoors has also significantly impacted how you view your living space regarding its trends, designs, and comfort. 

    Interior designers worldwide have started laying out predictions and home decor ideas, bearing in mind everything from sustainability to individualism. Let us look at some of the design trends for 2021, maybe pick an idea or two, and start reinventing.

    Strong And Neutral Ambiance

    Colors express and influence emotions greatly. Many companies like Pantone, Minwax, etc., have already released their color of the year and palettes for 2021. The prime emphasis and similarity in all these color palettes easily conveyed overcoming, calm, and strength. The neutral tones harmonized with robust, warm, and earthly colors and patterns give distinctive meanings, illustrating people’s attitudes and feelings after a long hectic year and their expectations from the next. 

    While the hues and patterns will certainly spread hopefulness around, the palette’s sleek and empowering gesture is not a trend to be missed. A fusion of strong and neutral tones is ready to envelop the interiors in 2021.

    Serene Touch of Cottage Core

    Chaos was a big part of the year that left. A comfortable, relaxing, cozy, and aesthetic sensation of cottagecore is up in the trend game. More people are looking towards creating a space that uplifts the mood and is simple yet elegant. A blend of traditional and artistic pieces with furniture that is both comfortable and well-sculptured will keep 2021 in the aesthetically appealing section. 

    Vintage prints, elegant cutlery, pastel tones, wall sconces, exquisite embroidered goods, and antiques are just a few elements out of many that are bound to storm the design market. 

    Functional And Multifaceted Living Room

    Creating a living space to spend quality time with one’s family will be one of the top priorities people have on their list. A well-designed living room with a comfortable seating area is precisely what the renovation will be focused on. Multi-purpose, usable, functional, and convenient furniture like shelves and games tables, etc. that allows the entire family to come together and spend some time in each others’ company without giving up their tasks at hand will see a rise. 

    An Organized Home Office 

    The quarantine of 2020, although it had all the offices and workplaces closed, evidently left everyone searching for a quiet corner in the house. Work from home has become an essential part of everyone’s life, and therefore a need for a separate space, a home office, can’t be overlooked. 

    The design of a home office is a crucial factor that directly affects the quality of your work. A place that is efficient, comfortable, well-equipped, and is flooded with elements that induce creativity like wallpapers, etc., is what people want. Trendy table lamps and house plants are a great way to add style and track lighting. Choosing a leather chair or one with mid-century velvet padding is a pleasant shift from the traditional black foam chairs. They uplift the working efforts and give space for thoughts and ideas to enter. Chic and sophisticated home office space is the new vogue, ready for a boom.

    Natural Material And Mix 

    The attention to details like the material and fabric will be highly tended to in 2021. While there’s always been a lean towards the usage of finished furniture and goods, it will not be the case this year. The traditional looking and vintage pieces with grainy texture and patterns introduced to the modern space have seen a rise in popularity and will continue to soar. 

    A balance between floorboards, visible beams, and windows with other items’ aesthetic in a room will set a perfect and pleasing look. Furthermore, adding luxe features using pendant lights, rich and embroidered fabrics, and antiques is another excellent way to put harmony to the room. Influences from around the world shown with the help of alluring palettes, natural and sustainable materials, art pieces, and items speak for the time spent indoors, and the emotions felt in the phase.

    Appreciating Life With Indoor Plants

    Since the coronavirus had us all caged within the four walls of our house, the options to be around nature were only limited. Indoor plants grew from becoming a necessity and an alternative to trendy home decor, intensifying the place’s overall look. They are not only used to add vibrancy and tones of calming green to the interior of your home. Still, They are also widely popular due to their effectiveness in freshening the air, reducing toxins and indoor pollution, and fighting airborne diseases.

    Houseplants sure have made a place for themselves in the indoor design trend in 2021 and are ready to stay, styling your space sustainably.

    Improved Entertainment Spaces 

    Keeping yourself entertained was one of the most challenging things to do during the quarantine. People now spend more time at home, and therefore the need for a much comfortable and pleasing space grew. Priority to a well-equipped and comfortable lounge seating with better televisions and sound systems will rise.

    Convenient and fancy kitchen cabinets, chairs, and cutlery will also be in trend, with extra attention to the dining area. The ambiance and experience of being outdoors for meals and movies will be bridged through designing and recreating a perfect place inside.

    Grooming The Outdoor Space 

    The pandemic greatly influenced the garden trends for 2021, with multi-functional elements and interior design ideas turning the space more amusing for everyone. Since there was no way to be around nature, the necessity to flip the outdoor space grew, giving rise to trends for creating a multi-functioning space to accommodate everyone’s needs, from kids to the elderly. Apart from garden buildings, swimming pools, and swings, comfortable spaces to lay back and relax are also being prioritized to increase the scope of outdoor activities. 

    Luxury And Accessorizing 

    Bold statements with layered styling and rich tones will be in trend, bringing back the excitement of luxury hotel stays. Accessories, classic patterns, statement art pieces, monochromes, and a throw of antiques are some other home decor goods used to refine the place’s look and add the glamour element.


    The previous year’s events undoubtedly have had a substantial impact on the home design trends of 2021. Everything is carefully placed in harmony, from the color palette to the accessories, each portraying the emotions and hopefulness for what is to come. Most trends focus on fresh starts and the shift in priorities the pandemic brought about while maintaining a style and charm to a place. With this switch in design trends, everyone now is looking forward to restoring the indoors and starting anew.