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The 9 Best Toys for Infants

    A newborn pretty much spends their time eating, pooping, and sleeping. But it is important to incorporate playtime into their daily routines because it can help with their development. Play is an undisputed factor that impacts physical and cognitive development as well as social and emotional growth.

    Children really depend on their playtime, even infants, since it helps them learn about the world and themselves. The best part is that you can join in on the fun with them! By playing along with the baby, you will be helping them achieve vital physical milestones, teaching them social and emotional skills, developing their brains, and enhance their language skills.

    You don’t have to make it too complicated since infants really do like to keep things simple. Those early months are the best time to get down with them and play to have a huge positive impact.

    Here are the best toys for infants that will help them in the long run!

    1.      Musical Egg Shaker Trio Rattle

    Rattles are perhaps the most popular toys for infants. They are basically a staple when it comes to babies. The Musical Egg Shaker rattle is perhaps the cutest thing we have ever since. The colorful, friendly-looking animal shapes can be beautiful for babies. The hedgehog, owl, and fox shapes all have unique rattling sounds. The toy has rubber patches with plenty of texture so that the little hands can grab it tightly and shake it to their heart’s content.

    2.      Manhattan Wimmer-Ferguson Learning Cube Toy

    The Learning Cube toy has images with high contrast that has simple shapes in black and white. This can help to improve the sight development of the baby. The Cube toy has gentle squeaks and rattle sounds as well as a squishy, soft shape. Since the cube tantalizes multiple senses, it is perfect for the early months of the baby.

    3.      Lamaze Play and Grow Freddie the Firefly

    Lamaze works with child development professionals so that it is truly one of the best toys for infants. The bright colors, textures, and patterns keep the babies enticed to the toy. The animal features look pretty friendly, too; it comes in a dragon, peacock, and octopus shape. The peekaboo mirror, squeaker, teether clinking rings, and crinkles make it super fascinating. It is the perfect toy for tummy time and playtime. It also has a clip built into it that you can use to attach it to car seats and strollers.

    4.      Lovevery The Play Gym

    The Play Gym is designed for tummy time since you can put the baby on your activity mat. The mat is truly thoughtfully designed and based on research. It works with development milestones so that your baby grows with the Play Gym.

    5.      Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Rattle Toy

    What could be better than combining a ball with a rattle? The ball has finger holes that your baby can use to hold it. The blendable and squishy plastic also makes it easier for the baby to grab it and make it rattle. The interior of the ball makes a noisy, fun sound when it’s rolling on the floor. The ball is just 4 inches in diameter, so it is small enough for babies to handle. Infants that are 3 months or older will be able to practice the fine motor skills on it.

    6.      Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Double-Feature Mirror

    You may notice that babies actually love looking at the reflection in mirrors, even if babies don’t really fully understand what they are looking at. Baby-safe mirrors don’t have any glass, so they have no chance of shattering and hurting the child. Putting them in front of this will help them improve their vision. It is great for tummy time, and there is fun art on the backside that offers even more visual stimulation.

    7.      Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym

    Fisher-Price offers a versatile piano play gym that will operate based on the baby’s kicks. It has four features that will help the baby grow: tummy time, lay and play, take along and sit and play. This is the best toy for infants since it helps them improve physical development, musical discovery, and basic concepts such as colors, numbers, and shapes.

    8.      Tiny Love Soothe’ n Groove Mobile

    The Tiny Love mobile has six genres of music with many song options; no song will repeat for at least 40 minutes. This turns it into a great toy for entertainment for the baby’s tiny ears. Whether you want soothing songs for bedtimes or fun dance songs for playtime, the babies will be enchanted with the meadow creatures dancing above them. The bottom of the toy also detaches so that it can turn into a stand-alone music box too.

    9.      Sassy Discover the Senses Gift Set

    The infant’s touch sense is the most sensitive out of all sense, so they love feeling all sorts of textures with their small hands (and mouth!). The Senses Gift Set is a mixture of textures that can keep your baby entertained for a long time. It includes:

      • A Flutterby teether that can help soothe any sore gums
      • The Fishy Fascination Station has spinning wheels
      • A miniature Bump ball that has different textures, including bristly, squishy, fuzzy, and smooth
      • Ring O’Links which clink

    The best toys for infants are those that focus on their entertainment and development! The toys above are sure to achieve both of those traits.




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