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7 High-Quality Dog Food Brands

    Dogs offer us emotional support and unconditional love that pet owners often rely on to cope with the stress of daily life and work. Getting them one of the best 7 high-quality dog food can be one way for dog owners to show them how much you care. Of course, this has to be paired with fun toys, lots of petting, and care. We focus on ensuring that you provide your pets with nutritious meals because they deserve to eat good food.

    Here are our picks for the best 7 high-quality dog food.

    1.   Royal Canin

    Royal Canin is pet food that is designed for royalty among dogs. They have appropriate food created for specific dog types such as old, young, small, and large. You also have the option to choose between dry and wet food types.

    The Royal Canin Company is a good one to pick because they have combined their desire to create healthy meals for pets with an environmentally friendly approach. They launched during the 1960s and have expanded into an international brand that is trusted by millions. You will find their dog food in the vet’s office, local pet stores, and online retailers.

    2.   Taste of the Wild

    It is advisable to tread carefully if you are buying dog food that is more budget-friendly. In some instances, the low price will also mean that you are getting what you pay for with low-quality ingredients or fillers. The Taste of the Wild is one budget-friendly brand that you can trust brings the quality.

    The food is designed around incorporating food that the ancestors of your dogs ate, which is where the name of the brand comes from. You will find that they don’t just do normal meats like beef and chicken; they are known for using unusual meats like bison and trout. They focus on using poultry, meat, and fish as the primary ingredient for the food.

    The Taste of the Wild is produced completely in America. The brand has high testing and safety protocols to ensure that every packet is safe and healthy. They make sure that no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are used in the production.

    You can find the brand pet food in local pet stores and popular online retailers. They are available in both dry and wet food. Specialized food is also available for puppies, adults, seniors, and nursing or pregnant dogs. For any pets with sensitive stomachs or allergies, you can also find grain-free versions.

    3.   ORIJEN

    Champion Petfoods has created the Orijen series that has dry food for dogs. It is one of the best 7 high-quality dog food because it is crafted with three factors in mind. Firstly, the food has to biologically appropriate for the pets, meaning that only ingredients they are supposed to eat are used. Secondly, the food is made with regional and fresh food with comprehensive screening for suppliers. And lastly, producing foods will never be outsourced to other kitchens or factories.

    They have foods for adults, seniors, puppies, and medium, small, and large dogs. Any dogs on special diets for weight loss or grain-free meals can also make use of Orijen. It is available online and in stores.

    4.   Hill’s Science Diet

    You can expect that they will be using science to design their products with a name like that. They are known for consulting with hundreds of pet nutritionists and veterinarians during the food development process. They have wet food options that are based on the age and size of the dog. Some versions are designed to help the dogs with managing weight. Other health conditions and lifestyle factors like limited mobility are also accounted for.

    5.   Blue Buffalo

    Blue Buffalo is the best option for puppies since they have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. They have several versions designed for puppies, including Blue Life Protection Formula, Blue Freedom, Baby Blue, Blue Basics, and lots more. You can select between dry and canned options with plenty of variety for different breeds too. The tailoring ensures that you will be able to find one that best suits your little pup.

    Blue Buffalo ensures that all the food is made with high-quality ingredients, whether wet or dry. They include explanations on why each ingredient was used on their website, too, so you can have a better understanding of what goes into the pet’s food.

    All the food is produced in the United States. The company adheres to the standards for nutrition outlined by the Global Nutrition Committee of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association and American Feed Control Officials.

    6.   Purina

    Purina offers many options in terms of dog sizes, which makes it the best brand for large dogs. They have the best options for breeds like Great Danes and Newfoundlands from the time they are small puppies to their big builds in adulthood. Since large dogs have different nutritional needs than smaller ones, it is important to get pet food.

    Purina is one of the best 7 high-quality dog food because they have a Purina Pro line specifically designed for larger dogs. You can find wet and dry options. Purina has been producing pet food for almost a century now so that you can trust their brand in terms of quality.

    7.   Wellness Pet Food

    Small dogs also have particular nutritional needs since they burn even more calories than larger ones. They also need small kibble because they have smaller mouths that can hard to chew on bigger pieces. You can find dry and wet options for the dogs. Rest assured that they prioritize natural ingredients and avoiding fillers while producing the food.

    Any of the above best 7 high-quality dog food can be the perfect option for your beloved pet! We wish them a happy munching!




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