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Tips on Finding the Right TV for Your Home

    Television has become a large part of everyone’s life. Modern TV’s have undergone a lot of changes, including offering better picture quality throughout the years. Television is a device that has quite a long life span because it remains functional for years. If you find that your current TV has become old and is not providing proper streaming services, there are some issues with your set, or you want a bigger, better TV at an affordable price, then follow these tips to find the right TV for you. 


    High dynamic range or HDR is a kind of Ultra HD television that potentially offers and improves the viewing experience. The main aim is to maintain the quality of the original image as best as possible. HDR TV has a specific color and brightness reception that no other device can offer. Hence, this product is the first-hand choice of filmmakers. Its brightness and color technology provide content that is tailored with video in rich color contrast. Therefore, before purchasing a new gadget, make sure that it has an HDR feature so that you can enjoy watching TV to the fullest.

    Home Theatre

    To enhance your experience of entertainment, the configuration of Home Theatre is essential. When purchasing a new TV, make sure the screen size is to your liking, and the speakers provide cinema-quality sound. The model should be sleek with surround sound quality, whether it is set up in a compact room or your living area. To add a spark to your entertainment area, think about purchasing a few add-ons, such as projectors, amplifiers, audio-video receivers, a Blu-ray player, speakers, cables, and IR sensors. These add-ons will give you the impression of a cinema hall.

    Size Of The Screen

    The most significant factor that affects your decision to buy a TV is the screen size, especially if you are planning on purchasing a high-performance TV. You should consider the space of where you will be putting the new set, how many people will be watching it at a time, and your budget. For a typical living room, a 55-65 inch screen is more than enough. It is important to be conscious of the room’s dimensions and your TV’s resolution when choosing screen size.  

    Screen Resolution

    Picking up higher resolution is always a better solution for finer details and sharper pictures. Nowadays, Ultra HD sets called 4k TV and 8k TV are very popular. The 4k TV screen features four times more pixels than the standard HD TV, allowing small objects and images to look sharper and richer. The sharper pictures allow you to view the screen from a short distance comfortably. 8k TV is a new version of 4K Ultra HD TV. It has four times more pixels than the 4K option and provides an even more detailed and sharper picture quality. Its horizontal and vertical pixels make images seem real.

    Organic Light-Emitting Diode

    The new and premium TVs use advanced panel technology, and the OLED is among such ranges that have recently entered the market. The panel technology is utilized to display color, light, and images on the TV. This model brings a better picture/image, faster response, and uses significantly less power, which reduces your bills. It has a barrier of high price, but the manufacturers are coming up with more affordable models.

    Smart TVs

    The new version of Android’s operating system for TV sets, set-top boxes, soundbars, and digital media players by Google is referred to as Android TV. A smart TV platform allows users to divert content from their phone to their TV sets through apps, using their internet connection.  Smart TVs can work for digital files as media players, play emulators, and function apps. You can use Kodi and connect it to a TV tuner. The only drawback is that the owner of a Smart TV needs technical help for setting up the described features.   

    Higher Video Resolution

    HDMI Technology has been on the market for years. It is considered supreme in entertainment and high definition video, but when it comes to more innovative pictures and audio quality resolutions, HDMI-2.1 stands far ahead. It delivers an appealing experience with an improved audio return channel (arc), it supports 4K, 8K, and 10K contents, has a huge bandwidth and advantages for gamers. This physical connector provides a link between your TV (video source) and content source. In other words, it paves the way for new resolutions and frame rates. To enjoy increased bandwidth and other accessories requires a 2.1 compliant cable, but this will help you by passing more content to your television through cable.

    Connectivity Port

    A high definition media interface (HDMI) port is used to transmit compressed or uncompressed audio and video data from a cable to a television, monitor, or laptop. Most TVs have two ports, but it is good to have three or more inputs on your set because it will help you connect various devices present in your home theater. While picking up a new TV, make sure that it has more than two ports, but if your TV set is old, with just a single port, you can add an HDMI splitter, switchers, or hubs to increase HDMI ports. When you are on your hunt for a new TV with two or more HDMI ports, the most important point is to ensure that the ports are positioned and placed properly. If the TV is mounted on the wall, the port should be on the sides or in the front for more accessibility. You can connect new devices with ease without dismounting the TV set.


    Liquid crystal display television, LCD TVs, are featured with pixels. They are commonly used in schools, offices, homes, factories, industries, and automobile companies. They are the most popular devices in display technology. The LCDs are more energy efficient because they consume less power to illuminate pixels. The use of a cathode ray tube results in cutting your utility bills compared to other devices. Its LED backlight support illuminates from behind, making the image appear more real. There are zero chances of screen burn when it comes to LCD TV screens because the screen is made of liquid organic material. 

    Display devices that feature phosphor-based pixels are more likely to have screen burn cases. But with LCD screens, you can leave an image for endless hours, without the occurrence of burning. This model is available in large, small, low profile, and narrow designs. There is no limit to its size and shape. Another cool feature is LCD technology is used in smartphones and tablets also. Lastly, it is beneficial for small and low profile designs, which the older display devices or technology cannot afford.  


    Among the various display technologies, LED or Light Emitting Diode is a display device that uses a backlight. This technology is used in smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and televisions like electronic gadgets. It also works well with touch screens as a mediator between the user and the device. This TV is similar to an LCD TV, which uses a backlight consisting of LEDs, not CCFLs. The LED TVs are relatively small and thin, and the technology used in their construction makes them energy efficient. There is no difference between the CCFL LCD TV screen and LED TV in terms of picture quality. 

    The LED is a full-fledged TV set with a screen made of LEDs, and the panel has LED pixels. Each LED pixel has red, green, and blue lights. LED TVs use light-emitting diodes, which is why the brightness is improved, and you see better picture quality. These sets are energy efficient, as they consume 50% less power than other LCD TVs. This product is far better than plasma or LCD television because the contrast is better. It does not use mercury for illuminating the display panel. It is long-lasting, and it is more reliable than other devices.

    Dolby Vision

    The disc players and TVs, especially the 4K Ultra HD sets, are embellished with brand names and logos. The manufacturer is supposed to pay some amount for the product’s certification and get its name licensed to use the logo. Dolby Vision is one of them; it is used to produce videos, making it a consumer brand and more professional. The Dolby Vision format is available in Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. For transforming your TV into an entertainment device, this feature will help enhance the video’s sound and image. 

    It delivers a real-life experience with incredible sound and picture. It automatically maximizes your TV display and speaker’s capacity and adjusts it automatically.

    Dolby Vision is a process of delivering and capturing HDR to your home. The filmmakers can have creative control over high dynamic range versions. It provides streaming services for Netflix and provides you with much other content, including games, movies, and shows. When delivered to the home, the streaming services and certified TV’s join hands for better results.  

    Virtual Assistant

    An artificial intelligence-powered helper available on mobile phones and Smart TVs developed by Google is known as a Google Assistant. The only thing you require is to press the button on the remote and register a command. It’s a virtual assistant that can make various devices work like smartphones, smart cameras, smartwatches, lights, lamps, etc. Android TVs are featured with Google assistant. You can turn it on and ask questions in various languages like English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, to name a few.

    When you want to set up your helper, you have to press the “Assistant for the Microphone” button on the remote, and an introduction should appear on the TV screen. Follow the instructions carefully to set up the device. Android TV has Google Assistant on various devices. Sony TV runs Android TV, which is how you can control your lights and television by simply talking to the speaker. Nvidia Shield TV  set-top boxes support this device, becoming very popular in entertainment and media worldwide. Samsung and Dish’s Hopper have been very supportive in this field also. You can turn on the television, change the channel or volume, etc., using your voice. Some more partners are Hisense, Philips, Skyworth, Xiaomi, Haier, TLC, Changhong, JVC, and Toshiba.

    TV Brands

    TV is an essential part of our life; we can enjoy watching daily soaps, news, sports events, and other informative programs. The demand for television sets is growing dramatically,  as they are the most reliable visual entertainment source. The television industry has become more advanced and Hi-Tech. Various TV manufacturers are working day and night to provide the best range of TVs to their customers. 

    A few popular names are Samsung Electronics, Sony, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Vizio, etc. While buying a new TV set, make sure that you choose the best brand for you. Investing a few hundred dollars without basic knowledge of the product can be a waste of money. Therefore, it is crucial to go for the most reliable, long-lasting, and budget-friendly TV after carefully studying the market trends.

    Now you’re ready to start looking for your new TV. Make notes of these tips to take with you when looking for the perfect TV for your home to assure you get the proper size, brand, price, etc.


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