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Top 6 Household Pets

    Today, the majority of households in the United States have at least one pet. Owning a pet can provide you with many amazing benefits. Having a pet can bring immense joy into your life. They can help with your worries and loneliness with playful, cuddly moments. Some pets can also help you stay fit and healthy. If you have a dog which is number two on the list gives most people plenty of opportunities to exercise like walk, run, jog, or just throwing the ball around. Most people report and it’s been proven that pet owners lead more happy and fulfilling lives as well as live longer, so you might want to consider owning one of the top six US household pets listed below:

    1.    Cats

    Cats have many worthy traits that make them the perfect household pet. Contrary to what most dog owners may believe, cats are just as fun, playful, and loyal as dogs. If you are finicky about hygiene, you will be glad to know that cats are quite clean animals. They spend most of the time grooming themselves because of which they smell better and look clean. You won’t have to spend a lot of your time bathing them. There’s no better low-maintenance pet than cats. If you love peace and quiet, cats are just the feline friend you need. Even their loudest of meows aren’t annoying. Cats are so quiet that you will never have a single neighbor complaining about them.

    This small furry pet seeks love and attention from their owner. They like to curl up in their arms and spend some alone time with them. One of the best things about cats is that they do no demand attention at all times. They can be left home by themselves while you are gone. Rest assured, they won’t destroy your house while you are away.

    2.    Dogs

    Our list of the top 6 household pets would be incomplete without the inclusion of dogs. These four-legged animals are incredibly loyal and smart. Most family dogs are easy to train and to take care of. They can easily co-exist with other pets as well as small children. Dogs are also loving, caring, and full of life. They love to be around their owner and constantly seek to please them. Household dogs have a positive and infectious attitude. They give boundless love and cuddles and enjoy stalls and exercises. Since dogs are so energetic, they can help you and your children become more active and in top shape. With dogs as your pet, you would never have to worry about food going to waste. They are good at devouring all kinds of leftovers.

    3.    Hamsters

    Hamsters are the classic small pets that kids adore. They are super cute and loads of fun. You can play and interact with them, and they won’t disappoint you. They are friendly with people and their environment.  The best part is they are low maintenance. Most hamsters use only one corner of their cage as a toilet. The rest of the space remains spotlessly clean. In this way, it is easier to look after hamsters. As a busy person or parent, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the entire cage daily. What’s more, hamsters do not need help with grooming. They are self-cleaners, so you don’t have to supplement your pet’s grooming practices such as combing or bathing.

    4.    Birds

    Some birds make excellent pets as long as you fulfill their needs. The reason why birds make for such a lovely pet is that they are gentle and friendly. Some bird species are so beautiful that you can’t help but adopt them. When properly tamed and cared for, birds such as budgerigar, cockatiel, cockatoo, and dove can prove to be extremely affectionate. Having them as your pet ensures a lovely atmosphere full of pleasant sounds. Some bird species, such as the cockatiel, are exceptionally smart. They learn to whistle and mimic common human noises or indoor sounds such as telephones or doorbells.

    5.    Fish

    Fish are colorful, vibrant, and engaging. No doubt, they are among the most popular household pets. Owning one fish in a bowl or an entire aquarium in your house can have a serene and calming effect on you and your family. As compared to other household pets, fish are easier to look after and less expensive to feed. That being said, fish need a proper environment to grow in. For instance, fish can’t survive in dirty water. If you have fish as a pet, make sure you offer them the healthiest environment!

    6.    Rabbits

    Next to cats and dogs, rabbits make for utterly adorable household pets. They are usually favored mostly by toddlers or school-age children. Bunnies are happy, playful, and extremely social. They can easily socialize with other pets, children, and older family members. However, some rabbits are shy and reserved. They may take time to open up, or some never do. To make sure you are getting the right rabbit for yourself or your family, spend some time with the rabbit, and you will know the kind of personality they have. Also, note that rabbits do not demand a lot of space. If you live in a small house or a two-bedroom apartment, you can easily manage rabbits as your ideal pets.


    When choosing a pet from these top 6 household pets, you should consider a few crucial things. Firstly, you should see if you are ready for a life-long commitment to your pet. You should also check whether or not the chosen pet will suit your lifestyle, and most important of all, if you can afford to feed, groom, and generally take care of your pet.