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Top Fertilizers For Your Lawn This Summer

    A lush green lawn is a joy to look at, sit and enjoy the sun, and appreciate the landscape. Fertilizers are a blessing for the property, it nurtures healthy turf and reduces pest and weed issues. Various types of lawn fertilizers are available on the market, or even homegrown fertilizers are also very effective in boosting the vitality of your grass. 

    Fertilizing in the early summer supports and strengthens the lawn to withstand the heat and drought conditions in peak summer. All plants require essential macro and micronutrients. Grass needs extra macronutrients that can come from water and air, and additional supplemental applications are beneficial too for the overall health of the grass. 

    The essential nutrients are phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium and are called NPK as a short form of grass foods. Several brands are available in the market, have a look at them and decide for your lawn.

    What Is Lawn Fertilizer?

    Lawn fertilizers are the nourishing substances for the grass, which contain micronutrients and soil improvements, carbon, and bio- stimulants. Dual-use products are different, which kill weeds, fungus, bugs and have fertilizers as well. However, it is best to treat weeds and bugs separately in the summer. 

    Advanced Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer

    Grass requires complete lawn food and the lawn solution brands provide the same. This advanced lawn food is an excellent source of NPK with a ratio of 16-4-8, and it is an incredible mixture of vital macronutrients and seaweed and fish. It’s a mild product containing organic and natural ingredients used to make the blend. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals to make sure your lawn is safe and nourished. 

    It is easy to apply due to the easy-to-use sprayer connected to the bottle. It’s a beautiful mix of the abundance of phosphate,  potassium, and nitrogen to enable your grass to stay green and thrive. Fertilizer frequent use makes roots solid and robust. You can use this product on all types of grass, such as Zoysia, St. Augustine and Centipede, Bluegrass, and many others.

    Simple Lawn Solutions Grass Growth Lawn Enhancer

    Sometimes you may doubt spraying chemicals all around the yard. Whether it will affect the lawn and vegetable garden, or you can have the fear that your loved ones or pets may get affected by chemical sprays. Especially for this reason, there is a beautiful product, the Extreme grass booster from Simple lawn solutions. It has only two ingredients, nitrogen and phosphorus. This product is to support your lawn grow fuller and faster. 

    It accelerates vertical and lateral growth and works best for sodding and seeding functions. It comes in a ready-to-use bottle with a devout hose-end sprayer. In addition to that, it is a non-toxic formula that doesn’t affect kids’ and pets’ health. 

    Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food

    Scott’s turf builder can fertilize the grass and boost growth. The roots also benefit and develop more profoundly and more powerfully. This product’s goal is to enhance your garden. It absorbs water and nutrients better. 

    All in one particle, technology makes sure that every pellet has all the important contents needed for your grass. This helps in more greening and feeding. Make sure to have a rotary spreader, as this is not inclusive.

    Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

    Nitrogen is an essential element for the growth and coloring of grass and plants. This particular brand is organic and has iron and nitrogen. Iron is needed for photosynthesis to prevent the grass blades from turning yellow. It’s a nitrogen-based fertilizer hence phosphorus and potassium are not there. 

    Commercially it is used too on golf courses to support the grass remaining dark green and lush. Homeowners like it too, as it provides them with a super awesome garden to enjoy. You will experience that water requirement is less with this product. One more significant thing happens, grass grows but not excessively, so less mowing. 

    Miracle-Gro Water-soluble Lawn Food

    It’s a water-soluble lawn food and can feed any grass. After using this product, your grass will start to become greener, softer, and lusher. This product is highly efficient and works instantly. Therefore, you can expect a thicker and vibrant garden in a few weeks. Easy to use; you need to add this to the water. Using a garden hose sprayer, you can evenly cover the entire garden. It may take a little time to get absorbed in the grass.


    The lawn is an essential area of the house, and you want it lush and green. The summer season impacts the property badly; due to extreme heat, the grass can turn yellow, and it looks pale. Here some lawn foods have been suggested for your grass to grow well and get robust and healthy. Consider each one of them according to your need.




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