Top Signs You Need Roof Repair

To begin with, if your roof is between 20 or 30 years old, you should consider getting it replaced. But other than this period, other warning signs demand our attention, and we often overlook them. There could be small indications in your roof that point towards an urgent call towards a professional roofer. To help you assess your roof’s life expectancy, described below are the top signs you may need roof repair.

Unwanted Growth 

If there is a growth of moss on your roof, it’s not the type of aesthetic you admire. Growth of moss, fungi, mold, or any such undesirable kind points towards moisture trapped in the roof, and it carries the potential of causing damage. You can rid the shadowy corners from the ceiling with a stiff brush yourself, but the underlying damage –which is moisture –needs to be given special attention as well.


If you notice that your roof leaks during the rainy days, it is evidence that your roof requires repair. It’s a common sign that many people overlook and regret later. It’s better to get it fixed before the little moisture you have noticed expands too much and starts affecting the roof’s integrity. You will most likely need to check the attic and then the outside to figure out where the water is coming from.

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