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Top Signs You Need Roof Repair

    To begin with, if your roof is between 20 or 30 years old, you should consider getting it replaced. But other than this period, other warning signs demand our attention, and we often overlook them. There could be small indications in your roof that point towards an urgent call towards a professional roofer. To help you assess your roof’s life expectancy, described below are the top signs you may need roof repair.

    Unwanted Growth 

    If there is a growth of moss on your roof, it’s not the type of aesthetic you admire. Growth of moss, fungi, mold, or any such undesirable kind points towards moisture trapped in the roof, and it carries the potential of causing damage. You can rid the shadowy corners from the ceiling with a stiff brush yourself, but the underlying damage –which is moisture –needs to be given special attention as well.


    If you notice that your roof leaks during the rainy days, it is evidence that your roof requires repair. It’s a common sign that many people overlook and regret later. It’s better to get it fixed before the little moisture you have noticed expands too much and starts affecting the roof’s integrity. You will most likely need to check the attic and then the outside to figure out where the water is coming from.

    You Can See the Sunlight. 

    Many times people don’t pay heed to the reason behind the sunshine pouring in through the roof. A direct way to check if the roof has holes in it is to switch off all lights. If in the darkness you see the sunlight (or the sky), there are holes in the roof. You will need to do this in the attic, and it’s a good practice to inspect once a year. 


    The picture above is an obvious case but often it’s very subtle. A sagging roof points at water damage. Contact a professional as soon as possible and try to fix it before it turns into a dangerous and expensive problem. The ceiling has likely started warping under the weight of the water pooled there, and it’s a warning sign that requires immediate concern and attention.

    Damaged Shingles 

    If you notice damaged shingles while you do some roof inspection, you may need to get the roof repaired. Ideally, shingles are supposed to lie flat against the roof. When they are damaged, especially if the rooftop has faced storms, you should check for any damages, cracks, and buckling. If there are also any shingles that are loose, it may be time for a new roof.


    It can be less than obvious to spot all the leaks, especially when there’s unwanted moisture trapped in your roof in a tiny form. This can happen many times after rainstorms when moisture gets collected and turns into a breeding ground for mold and mildew. You can also spot moisture if there is any blistering or peeling. Get your roof inspected by a professional immediately after noticing such signs. 

    Energy Bills Are More Painful to Look At 

    Do you notice a rise in your energy bills that have come out of nowhere? Apart from light and water, air and heat can leak through the roofs too. As a result of this temperature leak, your heating and cooling system is used more, resulting in rising energy bills. When you see the bills going up, it’s a friendly bet to check if your roof has any leaks. 

     If you notice any of the points above in addition to obvious roof damage, do not hesitate to contact a professional and get the roof fixed!