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Top Water Faucet Brands

    The kitchen has become of utmost importance, bringing together eating, relaxation, and cooking spaces. The kitchen is an intensive work area where you spend a lot of time, so all the elements must be convenient and easy to use that provides proper functionalities and safety. Finding the product and fittings that suit your taste and requirement is a must. Kitchen faucets are one such element that needs to be selected, seeing to the functionalities which help you to work seamlessly. The sink area is one of the most impactful parts of the kitchen in terms of usage and style, so choosing the right faucet will help make your daily tasks simpler. There are many factors that you need to keep in mind while finalizing a new kitchen faucet. 

    Types Of Faucets

    There is a wide variety of kitchen faucets available in hardware stores or online sites like Amazon. The current trend is pull-down faucets that have tall necks and detachable spray heads. Next comes the pull-out faucets, which are almost similar to the pull-down ones, but they have a shorter neck adjusting in smaller areas. Both types include an extended hose, which allows you to fill a tall container, which will otherwise not fit in the faucet. As per their control designs, the faucets are single-handle or double-handle faucets. There are touchless faucets too that have motion control. Several brands are also developing voice command faucets, which might have widespread use in the coming years. The single faucets are easier to use and install, while the double faucets have separate hot and cold water valves. They occupy a little more space. In touchless models, you can activate the sensor by waving your hand over the faucet.

    Things To Keep In Mind While Searching

    Control And Reach

    You must choose between touchless control and standard faucets. If you have a lot to do in hand, the touch-less motion sensors are a great help. The hygiene factor is also involved as it helps avoid touching the faucet again and again. Similarly, you must choose between single and double-handle faucets. Another alternative is between stationary spouts or pull down and pull out fixtures. The stationary spout comes with a separate sprayer on the side, but these are very basic and falling out of fashion these days. Pull-out and pull-down faucets feature built-in sprayers, but the pull-down faucet with a taller gooseneck is suitable for deep sinks. In comparison, the pull-out faucets are ideal for double basin shallow sinks.

    Mounting Style

    Generally, sinks have mounting holes which are pre-made for faucets and soap dispensers. If you are purchasing a new sink, you can match it with the faucet mount, but you need to fit the hole in the sink in case of replacement. Many faucets need just one mounting hole, while others may need as many as five. You may also reserve an extra spot for a soap dispenser or side sprayer.

    Design Of The neck

    Faucets generally come in straight spouts or a gooseneck curve. Straightforward spout faucets are less expensive and compact, while the gooseneck models have high clearing areas which occupy more space and are a bit pricey.

    The Finish Of The Faucet

    Faucets are available in standard options like stainless steel, bronze finish, brushed nickel finish, chrome, platinum, or matte finish. The faucet finish must match and suit your existing kitchen décor. It would help if you considered the ease of installation, cleaning ability, and faucet durability.

    Top Picks For Faucets


    It is a small home improvement company and manufacturer of double kitchen faucets. It is a single handle faucet that is easy to install. It has a pull-down hose and rust-resistant finish. It is easy to clean and very affordable.

    Delta Faucet

    Delta faucet is one of the most sought-after brands which has revolutionized the faucet market. It is an excellent mix of style and features, which combines a pull-down spout, gooseneck with brushed finish style, single handle functions, and touch-free operations. This faucet also has magnets for the spray head’s proper functioning and a LED light with various spray modes with temperature signals. All this comes with an attractive pocket-friendly price. It uses a ceramic disc cartridge with a five-year limited warranty.


    It is another big home improvement company known for its plumbing products. They manufacture touchless faucets, which are made to perfection. The gooseneck style pull-down spout has a magnetic docking and power boost option for cleaning and filling pots. If you are going for a touchless faucet, you can indeed consider this.


    It is another brand that designs beautiful products which are very easy to install. It has a long hose, and the reflex technology can stretch in all directions without getting damaged. This brand also has a long-standing reputation for outstanding products that are long-lasting. 


    These are just a few top options for your kitchen. You may consider the product as per your requirement, space, and convenience to use. Make sure to view all the options before purchasing your new faucet