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Top Wine Pairings To Impress Your Guests

    Planning a dinner party soon? Or maybe just thinking about having a couple of friends over for a game night? If you’re looking to impress your guests with some fantastic wine pairings, look no further. We’ve got the perfect combinations for you to try. From bold reds to light whites, we have something for everyone. So why not give one of these a try next time you have company? You won’t regret it!

    Crème Brûlée With Sauternes

    The first pairing that you should try is Sauternes paired with crème brûlée. The refreshingly sweet taste of Sauternes will perfectly balance out the sweetness of the crème brûlée. Sauternes is an exquisite dessert wine from France, so this pairing works well for a special occasion. Pick up a bottle of Sauternes to impress your guests with this pairing!

    Burgundy Reserve With Elk Steak

    The next great pairing is Burgundy Reserve with elk steak. The perfect match for the gamey flavor of elk steak, this pairing will impress your guests. Burgundy Reserve is a smooth red wine that you can find from California and has an earthy taste similar to cabernet sauvignon. Your guests will enjoy the fruity aromas of the wine that will help bring out the flavors in your elk steak

    Pinot Noir with Rosemary Chicken

    The third pairing that will have your guests raving about is pinot noir with rosemary chicken. Pinot noir will bring out the flavors of the rosemary, making this pairing an excellent option to impress your guests. Whether you’re grilling or baking the chicken, pinot noir is the perfect choice of wine to go along with it. This delicious red wine can be found in many regions like California and Oregon and is a great choice for those who like light and fruity red wines

    Chianti With Lasagna

    Another excellent pair is chiantis with a classic Italian dish like lasagna. This full-bodied red wine will help bring out the flavors of this beautiful dish, so be sure to pick up a bottle if you plan on making lasagna for your dinner party. Chianti is made in the Tuscany region of Italy and is excellent with pasta dishes, so try it with lasagna for a wonderful pairing that your guests are sure to enjoy.

    White Burgundy With Lobster

    If you are in the mood for seafood, a great pairing to impress your guests is white burgundy with lobster. White burgundies are an elegant white wine from France and will add a touch of class to any dinner party. With its lengthy finish, this wine is perfect with lobster! A nice dish like lobster is perfect to pair with a lighter and more delicate wine like white burgundy, and it will bring out the flavors of this exquisite dish.

    Port Wine With Sharp Cheddar Cheese

    One pairing that will have your guests talking is port wine with sharp cheddar cheese. This sweet and bold red wine goes great with a rich and creamy cheese like a good quality sharp cheddar. Wine enthusiast suggests attempting this pairing with Somerset port cherry, which is a sweet red wine made in England that will help bring out the flavors of the cheese for this fantastic pairing. A classic combination, you can’t go wrong serving this delicious beverage alongside an amazing cheese plate for your friends to enjoy.

    Sauvignon Blanc With Grilled Steak

    Another pairing that will have your guests oohing and aahing is sauvignon blanc with grilled steak. A classic pairing, this is one that you can never go wrong with. You’ll want to pick up a bottle of New Zealand sauvignon blanc for this delicious dish because it has the perfect combination of fruit, acidity, and crispness that will bring out the flavors of your steak. Make sure to chill your wine before serving with this pairing because sauvignon blanc is the best cold.


    Pairing wine with food is all about finding the perfect combination that enhances both flavors. When choosing a wine for your dinner party, think about the flavors and style of food you will be serving and try to match them with the most compatible wines. There are many different types of wines, so experiment until you find what pairings work best for your taste and cuisine preferences. This article is just the beginning of all the striking combinations you can make!