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Tricks to Keeping Your House Cool Without AC

    Science has proven that weather can affect your mood. You may have noticed how cool, breezy days put a huge smile on your face while blazing summer heat ticks you off instantly.

    As much as we would like, we can’t have cool weather at all times. However, what we can do instead is play our bit in keeping our living space cool (and that too without using air conditioning) so that we can live a nice, comfortable life.

    Here are a few suggestions for you to keep your home cool in the hot summer!

    1.    Keep the Blinds Closed

    Research shows that 30% of unwanted heat enters through your windows. You can curtail this heat by keeping your shades on during the daytime. This will also help save up to 7% on your bills and reduce the indoor temperature by up to 20 – 25 degrees.

    An alternative to using blinds is thermal curtains to keep heat out.

    2.    Insulate the Walls

    Especially your attic and basement walls!

    Insulate your walls on the inside and outside and see the temperature drop in your house.

    The best type of insulation to consider is fiberglass. It minimizes heat transfer and keeps the property cool in the summer but warm in the winter – what a way to kill two birds with one stone!

    3.    Keep the Bed Cool


    Make sure you use cotton sheets and covers as they absorb sweat without absorbing heat from your body. You can also consider sleeping on an ice or water-filled pillow to keep yourself cool through the night.

    Before you hit the sack, you can slightly dampen your bedsheets. You will see how this will chill out your bed and will help you get a peaceful sleep.

    4.    Open Your Windows During the Evening and Night

    In the summer, the temperature drops as the sun begins to go lower under the horizon. This is the best time to crack the window and let the refreshing breeze glide in.

    However, make sure to close the windows as the outside temperature gets hot.

    5.    Install Ceiling Fans

    Invest in the right kind of ceiling fan for your house. Get one for each room – bedroom, living room, etc. so no matter what room you’re in, you don’t sweat from the summer heat.

    If not ceiling fans, you can purchase box fans. Unlike ceiling fans, they are portable units and can be mounted into your windows. Get them if you live in an area that receives the least amount of cool wind.

    Follow these five tricks to keeping your house cool without AC. To avoid extra heat, switch to no-heat light bulbs for a perfectly cool home.