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What to Look for When Buying a New Couch

    So you know you have to buy a new couch, and enthusiastically, you head out to make the purchase. You know your favorite color that goes well with the existing décor of your room. But as soon as you are in the market, the choices are endless. And this can be overwhelming.

    There is a lot that furniture stores have to offer but let’s not forget that your new couch is a significant furniture investment, and you may have to live with it for decades. So you must make an informed choice. Style and color are matters of personal preference and are essential considerations that help you make the right choice, but when it comes to choosing a good-quality couch, there is a lot more that you need to consider.

    When you are shopping for a new couch, we recommend following these five tips to ensure a great couch purchase for your home.

    The Fit –Does it Fit You Well?

    The idea behind a couch purchase is having a comfortable piece of furniture that gives you the right fit. When buying a new couch, make sure it fits well with all family members. Check its height. Ideally, your couch’s height should such that you can make a right angle between your thighs and lower legs. Couches that are too low may not be comfortable for the elderly and people with medical conditions.

    Moreover, select the right type of seat. Is it too deep or shallow? Does it fit well with your height? Go for couches that offer back support as you sit with your feet flat on the ground. And lastly, check for the length. Is it long enough that you can get a quick snooze comfortably?

    And while fit for family members is an essential consideration, it is equally vital to consider whether your couch can fit well in your room. Make sure you know the dimensions of the room where you intend to place your couch. Moreover, ensure that your couch can easily pass through your doorways. A couch that is too large for your room or could not get through the doorway is just an additional inconvenience that you can easily avoid.

    The Frame – Go for a Sturdy, Good Quality Frame

    No new couch is a good piece of furniture unless it has a good quality frame. A couch with a solid frame can serve you for years. Even when your cushions and fabric get worn out, you can simply get them changed, and your couch can be as good as new. So make sure you go for a hardwood frame, preferably beech, oak, or ash wood. You can find wooden frames made from cheap material, such as pine, but they are often short-lived. Avoid purchasing new couches with plastic, metal, or particleboard frames.

    Apart from the frame, make sure you give enough consideration to the legs of the couch. In a good quality couch, legs are integrated with the frame.

    The Joinery – How Well is Your Frame Connected?

    The joinery, or how parts of your frame are connected, are often not obvious. But it is best to inquire about the joinery from the concerned salesperson. They have the technical knowledge and can guide you about whether the couch is connected via metal screws and brackets or wooden connectors.

    It is best to go for frames that are connected through wooden or double wooden dowels. You can also go for frames that are joined with metal screws and brackets. However, avoid investing in couches that are assembled together using nails, staples, and glue. Because these joineries are not enough alone and often need additional reinforcement using screws or brackets.

    The Cushion – Go for Firm and Robust Cushions

    Just remember that what is used inside the couch is as important as what is on the outside. So make sure you give enough thought to the cushion of your couch. Super soft and comfortable cushions may seem irresistible, but even the most comfortable cushions have to be firm and robust. The right type of cushion will return to its original shape after you press and let it go. On the other hand, if the cushion stays put, it is a low-quality cushion that will quickly lose its comfort.

    You can find types of materials that are considered appropriate for couch cushions. Some of the most commonly used materials for couch cushions include polyurethane foam and high-resilient foam. But regardless of which material you choose for your couch cushion, make sure you do the press test.

    The Cover – What is on the Outside?

    The cover may not affect the comfort of your couch, but it indeed affects the aesthetics. Go for high quality, durable fabric. Anyone who intends to purchase a couch would know that leather is perhaps the most durable material for couches. But it is not for everyone. Households with younger children and pets may prefer fabric over leather. The quality of most fabrics can be judged by the feel of the fabric. Give special consideration to the stitching of your couch cover, particularly along seams and around the piping. Regardless of the material you choose for your couch cover, make sure you go for something that is pleasant to touch and is well-sewn.

    Use this buying guide to purchase a new couch for your home. With these five considerations in mind, you can surely find a super comfortable and durable couch that adds more appeal to your beautiful home.