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What You Need To Make Your Own Sushi


    Making sushi is quite simple at your home. Apart from knowing the recipe, the only thing you need to know about making sushi is the tools and the things that will help you make it awesome. It will require a little practice, and you will become perfect for making those sushi rolls at home while using these simple tools. Many say that cooking is an art, and every artist needs a suitable apparatus to make it perfect. Let’s first learn how to make sushi rolls.

    How To Make Sushi Rolls?

    One of the most amazing loved variants of sushi rolls is the California roll. You will enjoy it with sushi rice and sheets of seaweed, also called nori. Crabmeat, cucumber, and avocado are the only things required to make the fantastic California roll. Many people like California rolls in the creamy texture. For making it creamy, you need to make sure to add a little mayo. Add slices of carrots and cooked shrimp to all the ingredients mentioned above for making this sushi roll. 

    Before making a sushi roll, it is imperative to know what sushi rice is. You can choose any rice for making sushi rice. It is a special preparation of rice produced by adding rice vinegar, a pinch of salt, and sugar. When you make sushi rice, you need to care that the sushi is a little sticky and fluffy. All the apparatus that you will need while making sushi is below.

    Specific Essential Tools Will Be Used In The Recipe

    • Bamboo Rolling Mat Is Also Known As Makisu
    • Plastic Wrap
    • Sharp-Edged Knife

    The Traditional Method Of Making California Roll Sushi

    The traditionally rolled California roll sushi is called maki sushi. You can try making it in two ways: while having the sheet of nori on the top, you can roll it with the sushi rice or flip the nori over the rice to make a roll. The latter method is traditionally called uramaki sushi.

    Chef’s Knife

    Making sushi involves raw fish, and you will surely need a sharp knife to cut it into the defined portions. The chef knife will allow you to give the precise cut and the shape you require to make your sushi unforgettable. You can go for an all-purpose hollow ground model for a chef’s knife. In this version of the blade, you will find some wrinkles on the edge’s lower side that prevent the material from sticking over the steel. This gives you a finished look of sushi in the end.

    Rolling Mat 

    You might be wondering why we have chosen a rolling mat instead of a bamboo mat; the reason is that a rolling mat is anti-bacterial and long-lasting. Sometimes, the harmful bacterias penetrate the bamboo mat that gives it a pungent odor. We prefer a rolling mat instead of a bamboo mat because you can put nori directly over a rolling mat. While using a bamboo mat, you need to use plastic wrap for putting nori over it. This way, there are many advantages of having a rolling mat instead of a bamboo mat.

    Cutting Board

    You can go with the Asahi rubber cutting board as it has many features. This cutting board is scratch and stain resistant that means you can use it freely while making your sushi. The unique part of using this cutting board is that it looks like a wooden cutting board but repels water that makes it easier to clean it. This cutting board is smooth in texture that allows the knife to maintain its sharpness.

    Sushi Rice And Rice Cooker

    The best rice is Matsuri Premium rice to help you get the best consistency for making perfect sushi. You need to choose the best grains for it so that they become fluffy and a little sticky.

    A rice cooker will ensure that your sushi rice is cooked and holds the right texture. You can get the Zojirushi rice cooker for the same purpose as it will make the rice cooked to the perfect extent. While making the sushi, we must take care of the texture of the rice. This rice cooker will ensure that you get the most delicious sushi delivered to you.


    It is pretty needed while making sushi; you need to keep it in a sealed container so that the nori can last for a longer time. The best brand for getting nori is the YamamotoYama.


    These tools are essential while making perfect sushi as they will give the required texture to your sushi. Many of the items listed above are easy to find. Beginners start with the essential things and then, over time, move to better equipment and more advanced sushi rolls. No one is perfect, and many do not start out making beautiful sushi rolls. Practice makes perfect, and with the tools listed above, you will be off to a great start.