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What Your Yard Says About You

    You’d be surprised at how much you can learn about someone just by walking into their yard. Every person’s yard is different and reveals something about their personality and personal taste. Think about it this way; your yard is where you spend hours so, it would reflect who you are. It’s a window into your soul and a great way to display who you are! Whether you are an extrovert who loves to host or just a quiet soul, your yard will speak volumes for you. Read on to find out what your yard says about you and your personality type!

    The Perfectionist

    If your yard is always well-organized and the grass is perfectly trimmed, then it’s highly likely that you are a perfectionist. More signs include neat rows of flowers along with hedges that are clipped to perfection. The shade of green of the grass is also likely to be bright. All these signs show that you like things to be done a certain way and that you are well in control of your life. You are organized, and it shows in your yard, everything is maintained in a certain way, and that’s what makes it look so good. Even if one plant or flower is out of place, you won’t tolerate it and will tend to it immediately.

    The Creative

    A yard with a natural flair and everything that seems to be going great with one another is an indication of a creative person’s yard. Creatives know where to put what, it’s effortless for them, and they have a flair for originality. If you are creative, then your yard will look anything but one that’s copied off Pinterest. It’ll be unique and original, and everything about it will be inspiring to others. Creatives love to experiment and don’t mind getting their hands dirty. You’ll find many personal touches in their yard, whether it’s how the plants are placed or hung or the different pathways created, and the many colors used.

    The Quiet Soul

    An introvert’s garden will look simple and sweet. It won’t be anything over the top and will consist of simple plantings. When you enter it, you’ll at once get an idea that this yard belongs to someone who is simple and likes to keep to themselves. It may even consist of a quiet corner to read and reflect. It’s interesting because you’ll always find plenty of places to hide in their yard, and sometimes, these spots may not even be planned. If you are a quiet soul, then your plants though maybe not too many, will most likely be perfectly kept and maintained, and the chances are that you spend a great deal of your time looking after your yard.

    The Free Spirit

    The biggest trait of a free-spirited person’s garden is that it is always kept in its organic state. It’ll be the opposite of prim and proper, the grass may belong, and this may shock your neighbors. You’ll find everybody telling you that your ‘lawn needs to be mowed,’ but you won’t understand the need as you like it in its natural state. Your plants will be growing freely, and that’s the beauty of your yard. By entering it, one will immediately know that it is characteristic of a free spirit.

    The Oldschool Charmer

    If you have a touch of old-school to your personality, it’ll show in your yard. Your yard will be rustic, and it’ll look like one from the movies. This could include a fence, some wildflowers, climbing vines, birdhouses, and wind chimes. In other words, it’ll have a fairytale touch to it. Your yard will be a quaint place with just the right number of details.

    The Extrovert

    The Extroverts yard is the perfect place to socialize. It will be well equipped to host large gatherings. To top that, everything you find will be nothing short of a conversation starter. The extrovert will want other people to benefit from their yard just as much as they benefit from it. To add to that, you’ll have plenty of seating options, too, as you’ll always want people to feel welcome in your yard. Your lawn will be full of plants, and it’ll show your extroverted personality.

    The Optimist

    A yard full of vibrant colors and lush greenery is indicative of an optimist. An optimist’s yard will probably have a bunch of trees along with other plants. The key characteristic of an optimist’s yard is variety. Since they see the good in everything, they like to welcome many different plants and flowering varieties. The optimist’s garden will radiate happy and positive vibes and good energy.

    The Decorator

    If you are a decorator, it’ll be evident through your yard. There will be lots of attention to detail and many small ornamental pieces scattered around. These could include wind chimes, old vintage pieces, many different flowering pots, and planters. Each planter will be a carefully chosen piece, and anyone walking into your yard will know that you have a knack for decorating. Not everyone will be able to relate to it, and some may find it a bit eccentric, but don’t let them get to you; we’re sure it looks fantastic!

    The Bold One

    A yard full of bold colors and different varieties of plants is characteristic of a bold personality. It shows that you are not afraid to take risks and follow your heart. Your yard is basically a statement and makes an impact on anyone who walks into it. This could also include large plants and trees as minimal, and miniature is not your style.

    Are you surprised by how accurate your description was? Don’t say we didn’t warn you. You can keep this in mind the next time you walk into someone’s yard.