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10 Low Budget Home Improvement Ideas

    Do you think home improvement is an expensive affair? Not always. There are numerous ways you can upgrade your home without spending too much. Below find about 10 low-budget home improvement ideas that can give your home a new look.

    Hardware Makeover

    Take a look at the hardware in your house. Does it give you a vintage feel as if you were back in the ’80s? Time to overhaul. By spending around a hundred dollars, you can get rid of the old hardware in your house and upgrade it to the latest handles in all your cabinets and drawer. Go for handles that reflect your choice and personality while transforming the look of your furniture.

    Organize Your Closet

    While your closet has a door that can keep the chaos out of sight, you certainly need to invest in an organizing system to keep your closet clean and organized. You can install a complete system by drilling a few holes, and you are good to go. And the best part is, you can easily find an organizing system within a few hundred dollars.

    Kitchen Up-gradation

    Do you have wasted storage space in your kitchen? Are your drawers and cabinets deep and low enough that you can’t access them? Get rid of this wasted kitchen space by investing in kitchen rollouts. This is perhaps the best way to capitalize on your kitchen space that too, at a low budget. However, all remember to get the right-sized rollouts for your cabinets.

    Add a Backsplash

    And as you upgrade your kitchen, don’t forget to add a backsplash. You can easily add an affordable backsplash that you can find in a variety of colors and styles. Tile it to add more to the looks.

    Accessorize Your Bathroom

    You go there often, so why not accessories? You might have guessed by now. It is your bathroom that, too, needs your attention. Replace the towel hanger or the shower curtain. Add a few indoor plants or install lights and pullout mirrors to give a completely new look to your bathroom. And as you accessorize your bathroom, you don’t have to spend a lot.

    Install Track Lights

    Do you always need bright overhead lights? If the answer is no, then go for track lights. These lights can be installed exactly where you need them and operate on the standard voltage. You can install these lights under the cabinets in your kitchen or right over your dressing table with or without a hanging rail. So, you not only get the light where you need it but also adds an aesthetic appeal to your room.


    Overhaul Your Entrance

    The entrance of your home can be a reflection of your personality. By adding a few mirrors to a narrow entrance, you can give your entrance depth and dimension. And if you have ample space, you can decorate it with a simple, not-to-expensive piece of art and a shoe cabinet. Possibilities are endless, and you can go for the idea that best suits your needs.

    Revamp Your Outdoor Walkway

    Is there a walkway in your yard that leads to your home? Revamp it by installing stone pavers. You can also add a bright-colored brick wall on the sides of your walkway to give a more detailed look.

    Backyard Canopy

    Is relaxing outdoor with your friends and family your favorite activity? Install a backyard canopy. By spending just a few hundred dollars, you can protect your loved ones against the summer sunshine as you enjoy your cup of evening tea.

    Update Outdoor Lighting

    Want to give a new look to your outdoor? Replace the old light fixtures with new ones and notice the difference. You will be surprised at how dramatically your yard will be transformed.

    Home improvement does not always have to be expensive. If you try these ideas, you can give your home a new look without going overboard on your budget.