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10 Most Popular Smart Shower Heads


    Getting a good shower is relaxing and helpful if you’re having a stressful day. With the kind of lifestyle we’ve fit ourselves into, most days are stressful. Even if we keep stress aside, having a good shower is an integral part of getting that sense of completion from your day. Wise people understand how important it is to have a smart showerhead –and if you want to go extra, with all the LED lights and digital displays, it’s understandable. We’ve got you covered with the best options on this list! 

    Some of these products will astound you with the kind of modern, futuristic vibes they give. At the same time, many others are some of the most environment-friendly options available today. Whether it is technology or price you’re worried about, this list will help you explore the most suitable options for your needs. Choosing anything from this list will ensure that you have more time to spend on yourself as you enjoy the experience of water washing off the fatigue from every inch of your body. Whether it’s anger you want to get rid of from your body or your hair you need to treat well, these smart showerheads will help you get some good time. 


    Let us begin with a shower that won’t end up throwing you in a spiral of guilt for too much water consumption. Since showers are so fun and relaxing, it’s fair that we would get carried away and over-consume. Waterpoint Rain Shower eases that guilt and pressure because its intake system injects the air bubbles in a way that makes the spray high-pressure. You can relax with the knowledge that this technology enables you to use 30% water. You can also adjust the showerhead angle according to your preference. Another benefit of using this showerhead is how good it looks, with its sleek design and chrome plating. 

    SparkPod Smart Shower Head

    The SparkPod Smart Shower Head is a simple shower head option for anyone scrolling here, looking for something not loaded with features. It will make your showering experience enjoyable and powerful –something fundamental not many people understand. It’s high-quality and a good option worth considering. It is a simple yet fantastic option, and you don’t have anything to lose here, especially considering how low the cost is. You can look forward to some features even with its simplicity, beginning with how easy to use it is. Furthermore, its additional water filter and Teflon tape allow you to easily attach it to other shower arms. 


    For the environmentalist in us, this is one of the best options out there. It has incredible efficiency, which is good for the planet. It helps you keep your water usage low and eases you into the practice of using water in moderation. When you think of the kind of privilege we’re living with because we have the option of browsing through different shower heads, you’ll feel more responsible for your role in saving the planet. With full-bodied spray, this shower option quickly gives you double water coverage. It doesn’t stop being luxurious and any less of a rich experience. 

    Dream Spa Ultra-Luxury 9 Inch Smart Shower Head 

    Shower time is a fantastic time to relax, and you deserve to have those relaxing minutes even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. If you’re going to get a nice, luxurious showerhead and cannot afford to pay too much of your money on it, you’re not alone. Thankfully, DreamSpa is supremely budget-friendly and an overall worthy combo. You get a handheld shower too. One difficulty you may encounter is the installation process, but other features redeem that, like an attached suction cup holder. A prominent feature is a push-button for flow control, which allows you to control the shower’s flow. 


    For all those times you wished technology solved some of the most pressing concerns and were angry about it, you may like this one. Since it uses hydroelectric power, the WaterHawk rainfall showerhead will surprise you. It’s eco-friendly and is incredibly useful for anyone who has savings-minded. The technology allows you to make a genuine impact on your water usage. You’ll get to reduce the water waste and feel more responsible. The installation process is also very easy and quick. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll save money too with this temperature-monitoring shower head. 


    If you’re looking for an excellent filtering showerhead, look no further. The Nosame Shower Head has many features to entice you –prominently, its built-in filter. The filter purifies and softens the water, something your skin and hair will appreciate. You’ll also appreciate the three modes that this handheld shower offers: massage, jet spray, and rainfall. You can also be relieved about the water pressure since the nozzle design helps in water consumption. This showerhead will be particularly appreciated by anyone who struggles with impure and hard water. It’s also easy to install and won’t empty your pockets. 

    Ello&Allo LED Smart Shower Head 

    Sometimes you want to be enveloped in luxury, and this shower head ensures that. This option gives very futuristic vibes and makes you feel like you’re enjoying a relaxing day at a fancy spa. The LED lights help in deepening that experience. With both overhead shower and handheld shower, the Ello&Allo LED shower head has incredible setting options and water pressure. There are four nozzles (adjustable), a massage jet, tub spot, and other features like time display and digital temperature. You’ll also be interested in the two-year warranty option available for this showerhead. 

    Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower 

    Investing good time and money in a shower head that doesn’t disappoint your hair is a smart decision. One of the best options to choose is easily is the Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower. The showerhead is eight inches resulting in impressive water coverage. The experience that this showerhead will give you is nothing less than a world-class spa. The gentle spray that you’ll feel all over your body will leave you refreshed and charged. Rainshower technology in this showerhead guarantees that your shower experience is three times stronger and your body cleaner. The one thing that may discourage you from buying it is its expensiveness, but it is a good investment. 

    Blue Ocean Aluminum Smart Shower Head 

    Another top name in shower heads that makes you forget you’re at home, not a spa! Blue Ocean provides a 52-inch shower panel tower with a long list of features. The luxury you’ll be signing up for is incredible. There are many jets and dials and features that will amaze you. The best part of this deal is it isn’t as expensive as it sounds –even after having a shower massage that will cover your whole body. The two control dials are function control and temperature control. The design is intelligent, and you don’t have to worry about how complicated it is to use. Unsurprisingly, many people prefer this option. 


    Smart showerheads are grand and impressive, but there are things you need to know before you choose the correct one for you. Things that can tell you a showerhead is worth considering in high esteem include a display –you won’t get it in all the options, but it’s not rare. Having controls that you’re comfortable with is also important. They will help you cut short your time of relaxation and mentally prepare you if you have to rush to an important meeting.

    Two other things you would immensely benefit from considering are how affordable the product is according to your budget and what other reviewers say. Adequate research goes a long way before you make any significant investment. While luxury is important and feeling good is also essential for having a productive day, you need to be reasonable before making any purchase.