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10 Things You Must Not Clean With Dish Soap

    While cleanliness is a vital concern of many households, one must know that it isn’t right to clean everything using a tablespoon of dish soap. This article brings you the ten things you must never clean with drops of dish soap. 

    How To Use Dish Soap?

    You can clean your utensils using dish soap and hot water. An electric water heater is perfect for cleaning kitchen utensils. Mix a tablespoon of dish soap in a cup of hot water and rinse them. You can also use tankless water heaters or gas water heaters for heating water that run on natural gas. Before buying, check the energy efficiency of their heat pump. 

    When Should You Avoid Dish Soaps?

    There’s a difference between the usual soap we use for bathing and dish soaps as the latter contains detergent. Therefore, dish soap can be harsh on some surfaces and forms and can ruin them. While these can be good as stain removers, be careful while working with drops of dish soap on certain things given below.

    Hardwood Surfaces

    The floors (made of wood) in your homes are strong and can resist your kids jumping over them. However, if you do not clean them using the right technique, hardwood surfaces will start to wear and become discolored. Hardwood flooring and surfaces cannot bear a tablespoon of dish soap. Specific cleaners are made for hardwood floors to help maintain polished floors without any residue. 

    Your Hair

    You must never use drops of dish soap in place of shampoo because they remove all the natural oils in your hair. Instead, use a sulfate-free conditioner shampoo in a spray bottle and spread it, rinse with water. Also, if your hair is colored, never use dish soap as it will remove the shade. 


    The insecticidal soaps you can fill in a spray bottle and sprinkle over your plants are perfect. Ensure that you do not use a tablespoon of dish soap for plants in your garden. If you want to kill bacteria and insects, use eco-friendly insecticidal soaps.

    Your Dog

    Just as you should not wash your hair using drops of dish soap, your dog hair deserves the right dog shampoo. The detergent in them can clean the oil and dirt but is too harsh for your dog’s coat and skin. 


    Your leather shoes and bags also contain natural oils that keep them firm. If you use dish soap with hot water on them, they’ll start cracking. Instead, you can take a clean wet cloth and apply a moisturizing substance to the leather surface. 

    Your Face

    It is vital to take care of our face. You must never use dish soap for washing your face because it removes the natural skin oils that keep your face glowing and protected in winters. Instead, use a mild cleanser and warm water (instead of hot water) for sensitive skin. 


    If you wish to clean your car, wait for a cloudy day. Apply a cleanser made especially for vehicles that do not destroy their paint, unlike dish soap. Dry the surface using a clean cloth. Ensure not to use dish detergents on cars as they take away the glow. 


    If you clean your mirrors using a dish detergent, they bring the oil and dirt to the surface. But these drops of dish soap may leave streaks behind. One should use cleaning products to wipe mirrors and wine glasses to maintain their shine and crystal-clear look. 


    When you run out of dishwasher detergent, you may feel like using drops of dish soap instead. However, you should not. The formula of a dishwasher is different, and dish soap will reduce its energy efficiency. Instead, use the cleaning products made for the dishwasher. 

    Moka Pot

    Using a few drops of dish detergent to clean a Moka pot would remove the thin coffee oil layer and reduce your coffee taste and the health benefits this pot can provide you. Use a cup of hot water (plain water) to clean the Moka pot. 


    While dish detergent is very useful in washing utensils, there are times where you should never use drops of dish soaps. Instead, use cleaning products made for a specific thing like the ones to clean your carpet stains, cars, or for that matter, even your face. We understand why you would want to use one cleaner for many purposes, but it is sometimes not feasible. After reading this article, we hope you know how harmful dish soap is to specific things.





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