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10 Ways To Create An Instant Beach Vibe In Your Home

    Unfortunately, many of us do not have our homes near the beach. It would have been a great location, by the way, with all the nice blue waves and their crashing voices at night, along with the vibe that they carry. Most people would like to hire an interior designer for all the changes and advice, as interior designing is like putting an outfit together. But, since it’s costly, many people cannot afford it. But luckily, you can create a beachy vibe in your living room on your own. So, let’s look at some of the methods of bringing beach vibes to your homes. 

    Coastal interior design is not only related to blue strips or tiny ships in a bottle. You can layer up several fabrics with different designs and materials. You can include cushions, wall hangings, rugs, baskets, and many such things in your present space to relax and lay back, giving all the coastal look. You can even incorporate a driftwood coffee table to place in the center. Such furniture is available both online as well as offline. 

    Let’s look at ten popular coastal decorating ideas you can add or change for getting the coastal look. 

    Add Indigo For A Modern Coastal Space

    Bring all the seaside looks together by adding some rustic theme along with a touch of indigo. For example, you can purchase some white pottery with indigo designs or bring an indigo carpet along with the lime-washed floor. Forgiving the relatively modern coastal look, you can even add some indigo-colored cushions. 

    Decorate Your Dining Table With Beach Themed Decor

    To get a beach-themed look, make sure that you go for a rustic look, as it gives good beachy vibes due to its neutral color and natural elements. You can add a vase made up of natural grass contrasting with all the pale colors. 

    Use Beadboard Panels For A Modern Coastal Effect

    Wainscoting or beadboard is a panel of wood that is used for insulating disguised as a wall. The best thing about them is that they are readily available at the many improvement stores. They are paintable and efficient in their work; other than that, they are manageable. You can add the beadboard for beach themed decor in the following ways:

    • A tiny home has crisp and white beadboard, so vertically placing them would give an illusion of a high ceiling and enhance the small space. 
    • You can make a coastal-themed bed by using beadboard slats. 

    Add A Whitewashed Accent To Your Room

    People often wonder what’s the difference between whitewashing and painting. Whitewashing refers to adding a translucent white color to anything. Whitewashing is see-through and looks pretty original and organic. You can opt for pale and whitewashed accents for the latest coastal vibe. 

    • This look is the same as driftwood’s tone, which adds a sound and light effect of beach-themed decor to your space. 
    • The wood touch in the space can be left in their organic wooden tones for the vibe of a surfer-chic.
    • You can even add a modern whitewashed coffee table made up of oak wood, as it will provide your space with a more attractive look.
    • You can even paint a monochromatic white on the walls, which would match your white bed, along with the pale woods and sisal expansion which would automatically brighten your space. 

    Add Nautical Stripe Beach House Decor

    Adding nautical stripes to the beach house decor is a fresh and practical idea. Here are some methods of adding coastal stripes and patterns to your space. 

    • You can add a beach-themed striped throw to your sofa or bed. 
    • You can even add a large and significant woven striped pattern rug to give a very coastal chic vibe. 
    • You can even try layering in spaces like bedrooms. You can use striped linen pillows or a striped blanket.
    • You can even add a simplistic blue and white striped footstool to give everyone beachy vibes. 

    Slipcover Furniture For A Modern Coastal Living Look 

    You can add slipcovers to your chairs or sofas for a relaxing and comfortable look. You can choose colors like beige, khaki or white. And then you bring it to an end by throwing some beach-themed pillows. 

    • If you add white slipcovers, you will get a modern coastal vibe. 
    • Make sure you choose blue and white striped linen slipcovers as they can be taken out and washed properly. 

    Use Driftwood For A Beach House Theme

    Objects which can be easily recycled, such as bamboo and driftwood, can be used as wall art or as a base of a coffee table. 

    • Many people gather driftwood on the beach walk and hang it over their breakfast nook. 
    • Adding the driftwood as a base of the coffee table, you can get a modern coastal vibe. 

    Two-Tone Walls Are Too Much Beach House

    There are several methods to get a two-tone beach house look. Painting walls in contrasting colors is one way. Or you can even apply wallpaper halfway through and paint the remaining area. And as mentioned before, you can even add a beadboard panel to the other half instead of painting it. Following are some examples:

    • You can buy the two-toned wallpaper by using wallpaper and paint
    • If you have decided to paint the lower half, make sure you use painter’s tape for sharp and smudge-free lines. 
    • Many people recommend painting the walls in two different colors. 

    Add Some Wicker, Sisal Beach, Or Rattan Theme Decor

    Things like seagrass, sisal, and rattan can provide your space with an immediate coastal living feel. The materials that you can use can be rope-like which would help add texture to your space, and they are perfect for the beach-like effect you want. 

    • Wicker bar-stool and bamboo helps in adding a coastal cottage vibe to a modern kitchen. 
    • Ensure that the bed has seagrass inserts in the footboard and the headboard. 
    • The woven wicker chairs are not heavy and expensive; instead, they are pretty durable. 
    • You can add a chair with a hanging basket made up of wicker and bamboo, providing a relaxed and coastal vibe in the space. 

    You Can’t Have Too Many Beach Themed Decor Items

    You can layer several stripes, blue and white combinations, woven material, and all other kinds of beachy vibe things for the beautiful beach decor. 

    • A coral duplicate and several decorative objects in white and blue beach-themed decor. 
    • Throw pillows are mostly the least costly and the best methods to set up a modern coastal space. 
    • A wall collage of shells along with pale blue, beige, and soft tones of walls in the entry of your home. 


    The best part about coastal-themed decor is that it does not need a lot of stuff to make you feel like you are living in a beach house. So, transform your house into a beach house this summer so that you can have a leisurely getaway even if you don’t live near the beach.