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15 Ways To Increase Your Homes Curb Appeal


    Well, the first impression is the best! The exteriors of your property can make or break a deal. Even if not for the resale value, you surely won’t want your most significant investment to take the toll of time. Thus, browse through these practical ways to instantly raise your house’s aesthetic appeal in manifolds!

    Start With The Walls

    Your walls are the ones who have experienced most of the trouble. Be it the harsh weather or at the hands of the children. Clean up the walls by painting them with aesthetic colors. Go the extra mile and invest in the siding, especially if you face harsh climatic conditions. Sidings help you to explore a great range of designs and give your walls the added protection.

    Move To The Lawns

    If you have a lawn by the house, keep it up to the mark by maintaining it well. A shabby, overgrown garden is worse than having no property at all. Hence, take proper care and keep the growth of the grasses under check. You can also integrate landscape designs to elevate the ambiance of your lawn or keep it simple and lush.

    Plant Your Way Around

    If you don’t have a lawn but have a knack for the plants, why not try gardening? Plants raise the ambiance. A well-maintained and beautifully arranged garden never dampens the spirit. Hence, if you like gardening, convert those tiny spaces, those window boxes, the unwanted stairs, or even the backyard into beautiful gardens planting with seasonal and annual plants.

    Redo The Garage

    Repaint and maintain the garage along with the house so that it does not decrease the house’s appeal. A garage can be a significant selling point to many buyers, so make sure to have the area at least free of clutter and do a deep clean to remove any unwanted debris. 

    Change Those Windows

    The windows are the gateway to the outside world for those who dwell inside. An elegant window in good condition can make the house look more appealing. There is no perfect window for the homes, but the style of the windows can make the places perfect. Depending on your feasibility, you can pick out one that is best suited for you!

    Switch To Elegant Front Doors

    Seal the grand entry to your house with elegant front doors that doubles up the value. Repair the damages and paint a coat or two if necessary. You can also swap it up to match the vibes you want to give off. For example, be it the grandness or the minimalist design, the style of the door can deck up the value.

    Create Seating

    A place to sit and share moments is a perfect addition to your home curb appeal. If you are looking for some ideas, you can implement one among the following. You can go for a minimalistic design and add chairs to your porch. Or you can include seating in your landscape itself. A patio dining is also a fantastic approach to elevate the ambiance and making the house look cozier.

    Redo The Fencing

    Repair that fencing around the house and make it brand new. Broken fencing brings down the house’s value as it indicates the lack of caring attitude of the owners.

    Repair The Driveway

    A broken driveway is sore to the eye and painful for the drive. Mend your driveway using symmetrical tiling to make it more aesthetically even. You can also opt for the cost-efficient alternative depending on your budget and the time you can spare.

    Clean The Roof

    Don’t forget about the maintenance of your roofing. It is common for the dust and debris to pile up in the corners. Cleaning might help the roof look neater and save you from unwanted accidents. This also allows you to inspect if any portions of your roof are damaged. 

    Look Out For The Pipes And Drains

    It is often easy to overlook the pipes and drains that have been there since the beginning. However, there are high chances of them clogging and being a nuisance. And what more, randomly oriented pipes along the length and breadth of your homes are not a sightly scene to the buyers. Hence, make sure they don’t have any debris in them, especially when it is a rainy week.

    Add Some Lights

    Good lighting not only brightens up space, but they have their other benefits too. Landscape lights add their aesthetic value to the surroundings. You can choose from various options to suit your style and the landscape. Using the solar one is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

    Collect Your Mail

    You use it or not, without a mailbox at its rightful place makes the house look incomplete. Aligning with the style of your homes, you can design your mailboxes. Mount it on the wall or use a parcel box; each gives off a different vibe to compliment the house.

    Address Number Plate

    The homes are incomplete without a numbered plaque. A plaque is a unique way to curb your house’s appeal, and it helps others find your home with ease. Opt for a style that matches the house’s aesthetic.

    Liven With Seasonal Greetings

    Deck the halls with seasonal greetings. Make the place warm and cozy by decorating the front door or the gardens with festive greetings. Minor additions give a feeling of warmth and joy to the area.


    Who knew, livening up the decor was this easy? With minor additions, you can increase your home curb appeal dramatically. Try to complete one of these projects this weekend and see how easy and fun it can be! After a few projects, you will notice a difference in the look of your home.