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2021 Trendy House Paint Colors

    Do you ever find yourself looking at the color of the walls in your home and you think, ‘it’s time to change that!’?

    Well, you certainly aren’t alone because many people have lately been wanting to give their homes a fresh, new look. Given the ongoing pandemic and the toll it has taken on literally everything, perhaps a house makeover would help boost your mood and uplift the spirits!

    If you are shifting to a new place or simply getting the one you live in renovated, it’s best to know the current house paint color trends so that you can pick the best colors for your home.

    Take a look at some of the most stunning 2021 trendy house color paints that will breathe new life into your home and give it a whole new look.

    Sunny Hues

    Nobody minds a little sunshine except that we aren’t talking about the real sun here. The idea is to incorporate the sun’s colors with the help of some warm yellowy and sunny hues in your home.

    Yellow is such a unique color, and there’s so much you can do with it, but only if you manage to choose the right shade.

    From warm yellows to bright yellows, you will find various shades, each offering a different vibe from one another.

    Think of a muted yellow wall with hints of greenery, contrasted against a bright colored sofa and vibrant, colorful accent pillows.

    The sky is the limit here, as you can create a myriad of amazing color combinations with yellow!

    Nature-Inspired Hues

    One of the most beautiful 2021 trendy house color paints is none other than nature-inspired hues, and you will be seeing a lot of them in several homes.

    Come to think of it, almost every color is somehow inspired by nature, but some stand out from the rest. Take blue, for instance. This color instantly reminds you of the sea and the massive waves crashing against each other.

    Such colors create a sense of calm and convey feelings of security and safety. After all the craziness of the past year, many people are gravitating towards warm colors that provide a sense of comfort.

    It’s totally up to you if you wish to paint all four walls of a room the same color and or mix it up, but the idea here is to stick to natural colors that remind you of the nature around you and put the mind ease.

    Chalky White

    White has long been a popular choice of paint color, and you will find so many homes with stark white walls. What makes it one of the 2021 trendy house color paints is that this time around, it’s going to be a little towards the matte side.

    2021 is the year for chalky white walls with warmer undertones to create a soft, inviting, and warm feeling.

    Slate Blue

    A stunning combination of blue and gray, slate blue is simply divine!

    It’s such a unique neutral color that offers such a tranquil vibe, making it just the right choice for all those who want to display a little personality without completely ditching the traditional neutrals.

    An unusual thing about slate blue is that it looks different during different times of the day, given how this color tends to adopt a distinctive hue under varying levels of cloud coverage.

    Dark or Navy Blue

    It’s a commonly held belief that dark house paint colors tend to make space look smaller or provide feelings of sadness.

    However, that’s far from the truth because dark colors not only look super-rich, but they are such a great choice for people who have a thing for dim and dusky hues.

    This year, many people will be embracing deeper and darker hues, one of which is dark or navy blue. This rich color has wonderful abilities to calm the mood and offer a sense of relaxation.


    This might come off as a very dull color for some people, but when paired with actual metal accents, bronze will come to life like never before!

    Bronze is such a wonderful choice for house paint color, especially considering how it has such a unique metallic touch to it.

    Jewel Tones

    This choice will become one of the most popular 2021 trendy house paint colors in no time!

    Think of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. All the gemstones actually inspire jewel tones and what makes them stand out is that they have this feel-good aspect about them that immediately uplifts the mood.

    2021 is heavily geared towards reinvigorating and refreshing colors, so there’s no surprise why jewel tones are on this list.

    If you want to create a visually stimulating home, this is the right color palette for you!

    Choose the Right Color for Your Home

    There is an endless list of colors that you can choose from for your house paint, but it all comes down to your house’s overall theme.

    Are you going for a deep, dark color palette, or would you rather stick to neutrals with varying undertones?

    It’s very important to choose the right color for your home because those colors will play a major role in your mood, sentiments, and how you feel overall at the end of the day.

    The above-mentioned are just a few of the best 2021 trendy house paint colors, and there are many others that you can experiment with to pick the right one.

    You can even go for a two-toned look, as this is likely to be another house paint color trend this year!

    It’s all about personal preferences, and the truth is, no matter what color you choose, it will turn your house into a home.