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5 Benefits Of Cleaning Out Your Storage

    It’s time to clean out your storage, but often we start this kind of project with more energy than we’re able to finish with. Whether it’s the bottom of the cabinet, the back of the closet, or all that mess in the garage storage, it can be overwhelming to work out storage solutions for it all! To help you get motivated, consider the benefits of cleaning out your storage space.

    1. Make More Room

    What most of us wouldn’t give for more room! Yet while we lament the lack of room around the house, we don’t usually consider how much room is being wasted with poor storage solutions. In fact, “solution” is probably too grand a name for what most of us are doing. We don’t really have anything as sophisticated as closet organizers or storage bins. What we mostly have is piles of stuff hidden out of sight.
    Making room isn’t the only goal here, though. By making more room, you also make it easier to maintain that room.
    Does this sound familiar? You take the time to clean your room carefully on Saturday, only to find it a mess by Sunday night. This could be because you have too much stuff, or it could be because you don’t have a good place for all that stuff. Whatever the reason, staying tidy and organized gets so much easier once you’ve gone through and cleaned out your storage spaces.

    2. Make More Time

    How much time have you lost hunting through your closet for that one shirt you really need but just can’t find? How many times have you been late to a game because all the kids’ sports equipment was simply piled in the back of the garage?
    It takes a lot of time to get organized, but it doesn’t take much to stay organized once you are. You might think a shoe rack is just a bit too much, but when it becomes a habit to put shoes there, you’ll love the part where you’re never late to work again because of a lost shoe.

    3. Make Some Joy For Others

    Once you clean out a storage unit or get the piles off the floor and into closet organizers, you might find there are some things that you or your children either don’t need or can’t fit into anymore. If the stuff is still in good shape, though, someone else could likely be blessed by having it. Charities all over will be glad to take it off your hands.

    4. Make Home A Restful Space

    If you’re like most people, once the storage space starts to fill up, there’s nowhere left to toss your junk. You start putting it on countertops, on the spare chair no one uses, and all over the kitchen table. Before you know it, your home is cluttered, and you’re seriously stressed.
    Think like a professional organizer, clean out the storage, and then you’ll be able to deal with all that junk you have lying around.

    5. Make Room In Your Mind

    Did you know that your decision-making ability is a depleting resource? Every decision you make over the course of a day saps your strength just a little bit more, and eventually, you are too tired to make any more. That’s when you either abdicate your responsibilities to someone else, or you start making very poor ones (like eating a pint of ice cream instead of dinner).
    Every time you have to decide what to do with an item–whether you need to get it off the counter or you just brought it home from work–you have to make a decision. Cleaning out your storage to ensure that everything has an organized place to go actually frees your mind to use decision-making power for more important things.

    Make Joy for Yourself

    Having more decision-making power isn’t the only thing clean storage spaces will do for your mind. When things are organized, you’ll find your general stress levels going down, and you’ll be able to love and enjoy your home more than ever. Instead of feeling stressed as soon as you walk in the door, you’ll feel joy and peace instead.
    There are more than just these benefits of cleaning out your storage, these are great reasons to get started. Once you do, you’ll find you’ve made more room for life by getting rid of what’s standing in your way.