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5G The Next Investment Craze


    Before I get into this it’s important for you to know that I am not a professional investment advisor nor have I ever had a job in the investment world, I’m just a person that likes to manage my own money and investments. I like to provide helpful info that is straight forward and that you might find useful.

    I’m an avid investor and am always looking for the next stock to invest in. These days all over the internet you see 5G or some article titled The Next Tech Giant That Can Earn You 24 Times Your Money in Five Years. Or something like: This Little-Known Stock Could Give You Returns Like Amazon or Google in the next five years. Article after article, its everywhere! You then click on it and it takes you to a forever article that wants you to buy their advice or service. Some of these are very expensive and very persuasive but none of them tell you what stock they are talking about until you pay them.

    I set out to find the stock they were talking about without subscribing to their service so I could do my own research and see if this was real. After many hours and days of research I think I have found the stock they are hyping about. So, without further ado I think the stock is Inseego (INSG) This company’s headquarters is in San Diego, California USA. Founded in 1996 with 927 Employees and Annual Revenue of $204.3M based on data from their latest SEC filings. The Chairman & CEO is Dan Mondor.

    I believe there is money to be made in the coming 5G boom, but the trick is to find what companies to look at.  I’m looking for growth but am currently doing lots of research.  For me personally I have boiled it down to three stocks and will most likely buy one or more of them. I will rank them in order of my interest.


    #1 Nokia Corp. (NOK) This is a Finnish consumer electronics and information technology company founded in 1865. They provide network infrastructure, technology and software services and operate in more than 130 countries.This is an old name but seems to be winning some big contracts. The stock price seems affordable and the fundamentals look ok. Their name comes up in a lot of places when it comes to 5G and after my own research they seem to be a solid play to take advantage of the space.


    #2 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (ERC) They provide telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed networks. They offer business support services, software, Internet networking equipment, mobile and fixed broadband, cable television, IPTV, and video systems. This company is very similar to Nokia and a direct competitor. They also seem to be winning some big contracts and hold a lot of patents in the space. The stock price is affordable and the fundamentals look ok. Their name comes up in a lot of places when it comes to 5G. I think they could also be a solid play.


    #3 Inseego (INSG) Their 5G products include routers, industrial gateways, mobile hotspots, industrial modems, telematics and mobile tracking hardware devices, supported by software and cloud services. They also provide an asset tracking solution for business intelligence.  This one is a wild card, I’m truly not sure about it and after my research I don’t quite see what all the hype is about. It is a player in the space for sure but it has many competitors.  The stock price is increasing nicely but my thought is it’s due to the hype.  I don’t see 24 times return in five years. I will pay close attention to it and might buy some to take advantage of the increasing stock price. I will probably wait until there is a dip in the price. I guess I’m still on the fence about this one and need to see some more compelling information. See the next page for some helpful tools.

    I hope you find this article useful. Do your own research and see what you come up with. Follow this link or Open our Tools tab on the top of our website then click on Stock Market Today and at the bottom of the page put in the stock symbol for any company and you will have access to all kinds of useful research information.