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8 Cool Door Knockers

    If you’re someone who wants every corner of their house to look the best, you may not want to overlook the importance of stunning door knockers. Your front door is the first part of your house that any visitor sees, and therefore, you shouldn’t neglect its aesthetics. As much as a modern-looking front door can bring the level of aesthetics up, a cool door knocker can deliver an outstanding impact as well.

    You’ll be stunned to see the massive variety of door knockers that are available today. From simplistic and minimalist door knockers to fancy and overwhelming door knockers, you’re going to find everything in the market. If you’ve never shopped for out-of-ordinary door knockers, let us take you through some of the coolest door knockers that’ll leave you amazed and inspired.

    1.    Skull Jaw Knocker

    How often have you seen a skull-shaped door knocker in creepy movies? Well, if you like something like that, you can get it in the market quite easily. It gives your front porch a mysterious appearance. The metallic skull structure looks attractive and welcoming in a creepy way. Moreover, such knockers are made from solid metal, so you can rest assured that they’re going to last a very long time! A skull jaw knocker can be a part of your Halloween décor this year! How cool is that?

    2.    Dragon Door Knocker

    If you’re fond of the mystical dragons, we’re sure your home décor may be reflecting it. If not the entire house, your bedroom, at the least, will have features that reflect your interest in dragons and dark tales. Your love for dragons may have been further triggered by the recent TV series, Game of Thrones. The next knocker on our list is something you’ll go gaga over! The dragon door knocker is the best type of door knocker for your bedroom, game room, and even your front door. If dragons are totally your thing, a dragon door knocker will be too!

    3.    Horse Door Knocker

    Horses are a symbol of class and sophistication. From paintings to home décor items, horses form a vital element in everything. Horses stand a class apart, and this is the reason why you’ll find so many house décor varieties featuring these elegant creatures. If your home décor is mid-century modern and you’ve furnished it with sophisticated furnishings, the exterior of your house should be modern and sophisticated too. Installing a brass horse door knocker is the perfect way of giving your visitors an idea of the type of décor they should expect indoors!

    4.    Woodpecker Door Knocker

    A woodpecker door knocker made from brass is one of the coolest door knockers that you’ll come across. It looks fancy and attractive and is sure to bring a smile on your visitors’ faces. The intricate detailing and the vibe are enough to bring the level of aesthetics of your home up, right from the front door!

    5.    Clamshell Door Knocker

    If you’re looking for something simplistic and exquisite, the clamshell door knocker is something that you’ll totally love. It’s simple yet impactful. It’ll look super-attractive against a plain wooden door. The best thing about such a door knocker is that it’s the perfect size to be used indoors as well, like your bathroom door.

    6.    Lion Door Knocker

    If you’re big on grand things, nothing could be grander than a lion door knocker. The classic lion door knocker is as impactful as a lion in the jungle. If you want to make a big impact on your visitors, you know what you got to do!

    7.    Pinecone Door Knocker

    The next item on our list of cool door knockers is the pinecone door knocker. The simple, yet elegant and powerful door knocker is just what you need to make your front door look a class apart.

    8.    Butterfly Door Knocker

    Butterflies look pretty. No wonder they’re so often featured on draperies and furnishings. If you love butterflies, you’ll be the happiest when we tell you that you can easily find a butterfly door knocker as well. They’re super cute and cool and are sure to leave a great first impression on your visitors.

    Every homeowner wants their home to look best, from the front door till the last feet of their house. While most people are more attentive to their home interiors, paying attention to the exterior is equally important, because that’s what will have people judging your home décor sense!