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Best Electric Tea Kettles

    Do you lean on tea or coffee to get you through the day? Does a heavy workload control you from sunup to sundown? Might you not have enough time to brew a gallon of tea or coffee? An electric kettle, often referred to as an electric tea kettle, is commonly available equipment for heating water for consumption or cooking. The heating element or coil facilitates quick heating at the bottom of the container. It warms water in less than a minute, quicker than any other type of tea kettle. This is safe to use in the kitchen or confined areas with limited kitchen space.

    An electric kettle has its use in boiling water, but it can come in handy in many situations like preparing snacks and many more.

    There is a wide range of uses of an electric kettle. To help you purchase your ideal Electric Kettle, we have shortlisted some of the best electric kettles for you below: 

    Hamilton Beach Glass Variable Temperature Kettle

    This particular electric kettle heats the water quickly and has six temperature settings, each appropriate for a particular type of tea. It has a water capacity of approximately 1.7 liters. A meshed filter is in the kettle, a large hole for cleaning, and perhaps a non-heating handle. The kettle will also flash a blue light while on, so you’ll always know it’s on. The device comes along with a temperature controller. The only drawback of this appliance is that the auto shut-off isn’t reliable, and it does not contain a thumb latch to open the lid.

    Cosori Glass Electric Kettle

    The Cosori Glass Electric Kettle is a beautiful value item that will fit in most kitchens. The enticing blue light shines while the item is in use, and both sides of the carafe have labels for easy measuring. The item is relatively loud; this may not be bothersome, but it’s worth noting. The lid also doesn’t open completely, making cleaning a little more complicated. The 1.7-liter volume of the kettle is comparable to typical stovetop kettles, allowing you to fill your teapot or French press. The device does not have a temperature controller. However, the device is affordable and has an automatic shut-off. 

    Mueller Premium Electric Kettle

    This electric kettle is worth the money you invest in it. This electric kettle not only boils water, but it does at a rate faster than a microwave. The design is very sleek and pleasing to the eye. The device comes along with a feature of auto shut-off, making it easy to use. The drawback of this appliance is that it weighs more and it’s heavier. On the other hand, the bottom of the electric kettle feels low cost. The Muller premium electric kettle has a capacity of about 1.8 liters and has no temperature controller.

    Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

    This decorous electric kettle is perfect for Modern kitchen needs. The device has six different types of settings for different types of tea. The device comes along with a soft blue led light to indicate that the water is ready. The kettle has a cord attached to its base and can be removed easily, allowing you to move the kettle. The filter can be separated and easily washed. It has a temperature controller. It has a capacity of about 1.7 liters. The drawback of this device is that the kettle is heavy, and the minerals build-up cannot be cleaned easily.

    Bodum Bistro Electric Kettle

    This electric kettle can also be used for traveling purposes because of its size. The kettle can boil water within four minutes. The kettle is available in a variety of colors like black, green, white, red. It is lightweight. The drawback of this kettle is that the lid makes it difficult to clean, and the durability of the kettle is a concern. In addition, the kettle has no temperature controller. 

    OXO Brew Clarity Cordless Glass Electric kettle

    The body of this kettle is made of durable borosilicate glass and stainless steel accents. There is no requirement for a cord because of the carafe’s heating base. The lid prevents too much steam from escaping making pouring easy. The handle of the kettle is cool to touch, making it easy to carry. Unfortunately, the kettle does not come along with the temperature controller feature. The kettle has a capacity of about 1.7 liters.

    Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

    The kettle is very stylish and perfect for the modern kitchen. It can easily reach up to a temperature ranging from 135 Celsius to 212 Celsius. The device can make various teas like green tea, herbal tea, and many more. The device is small and has a smaller capacity than the other kettle; it can hold up to 0.9 liters of water. However, this kettle is also expensive but durable. 

    Zeppoli Electric Kettle

    This kettle is perfect for hostellers. It requires tiny space and can fit anywhere. It can boil water faster. The kettle contains a removable filter and can be cleaned easily. It is lightweight and stylish. The drawback of this kettle is that the power cord is short, and one has to open the lid forcefully.

    Willow & Everett Electric Gooseneck Kettle

    This specific electric kettle allows precise pouring and allows you to boil water quickly. One can make different teas at various temperatures—temperatures ranging from 180 to 205 degrees Celsius. The kettle is too quiet and lightweight. 

    Certain factors play an important role while purchasing an electric kettle. One must take into consideration all of these before purchasing a suitable kettle for themselves. 

    • One must look for the different features available like auto shut-off, temperature holding, and many more. These features will also provide you a clear idea of what you’re putting your money into. 
    • The size of the kettle also plays an important role depending upon your convenience. 
    • Kettles are primitively made of three materials: glass, plastic, and steel, which add different styles to your kitchen. 


    An electric kettle is one such wonder which helps you finish your kitchen work as fast as possible. It’s like a helping hand and allows you to save time. The electric kettle has many roles, and one can use it in a variety of ways. Still, one should not get overwhelmed while purchasing an electric kettle looking at the available variety in the market. There is a wide range of electric kettles available that could be both pocket-friendly as well as efficient. The electric kettles mentioned above are some of the best electric kettles available.