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Best Flowers For Beautiful Hanging Baskets

    Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Their freshness and fragrance vibrate charm all around and hanging flower baskets are perfect for your home. They occupy negligible space and ameliorate the surroundings in many ways. Purple, pink-colored flowers like Million Bells and Sweet Alyssum are the best decorations for your porch, balcony, patio, and deck. Hanging flowers radiate maximum fragrance and attract hummingbirds and butterflies. They are easy to grow and may require full sun or part shade. Flowering plants like Creeping Jenny and Fuchsia are some of the trailing plants with the best flowers for beautiful baskets. This article discusses hanging flower basket ideas to beautify your home with aroma and bright colors.  

    Best Flowers for Beautiful Hanging Baskets 

    The best flowers for beautiful hanging baskets are swinging, top-heavy, or creeping. One cannot grow these colored flowers in the garden, but they are perfect for decorative display in a hanging flower basket or grown as potted plants tied on a lofty region in your deck or patio. The flowers having bright colors include Begonia, Trailing Fuchsia, Lantana, Sweet Alyssum, Lobelia, Million Bells, Petunia, Creeping Jenny, and Lotus Vine. 

    Sweet Alyssum

    Sweet alyssum is a bedding plant that, when planted in a hanging basket, emits strong fragrance. It is ideal for hanging baskets because of its strong honey scent that attracts butterflies. Sweet Alyssum is a trailing plant with purple, pink, and white flowers. It requires reinvigoration in summer and grows well in zones 7-11. Sweet alyssum requires full sun to part shade for blooming well.  

    Million Bells 

    Million Bells is an annual flower planted in the spring. This flowering plant blooms nonstop from spring to frost and essentially requires no deadheading. Million Bells is a trailing plant that flourishes gracefully in hanging flower baskets. Its purple, red flowers and others of bright colors attract hummingbirds and butterflies. This hanging basket plant is also known as trailing Petunia and has compact foliage. Million Bells require full sun and fertile, moist, or well-draining soil for blooming.  

    Creeping Jenny 

    Creeping Jenny grows in full sun to part shade regions, is essentially a trailing plant or creeping herbaceous perennial. With waxy, small, and round leaves, they grow well in zones 3-9 as hanging basket plants or potted plants attached to a balcony and patio. Although it is native to Europe, some of the varieties are more vigorous than others and can be considered invasive. Creeping Jenny’s flowers are small, cupped in shape, and found in bright colors, majorly yellow (Avoid the confusion between Creeping Jenny and Creeping Charlie. The latter is purple.


    Trailing Fuchsias are ideal for regions with wet summers. This perennial flowering plant requires part shade for flourishing. So, do not plant them in hanging flower baskets in a completely sunny spot. Daily misting, regular fertilizing, and deadheading are essential for these trailing plants. Fuchsias are bedding plants that bloom in bright colors like white, purple, pink, red, and multicolor. They are easy to grow and ideal for hanging baskets in zones 10-11. Trailing fuchsias are among the best flowers for beautiful hanging baskets. 

    Hanging Flower Basket Ideas  

    The following hanging flower basket ideas will help enhance your home. 

      • Beautiful trailing plants, including Petunia, Begonia, Lobelia, Trailing Fuchsia, and Ivy Geranium, have flowers of bright colors like purple, pink and yellow. 
      • Small Alyssum, Million Bells, and Lantana attract butterflies. These nectar-rich bedding plants beautify your surroundings. 
      • Drought tolerant plants like Sedum, Strings of Pearl, and Purslane do not require water every day. 
      • Grow Nasturtiums, Lantana, and Impatiens as flowering plants if you wish to attract hummingbirds. 
      • Petunia and Dichondra act like potted plants or hanging flower baskets for privacy when they grow into long vines. 
      • You can grow two high-contrast bright colors like yellow and purple or similar shades like Petunia and Pansy together in hanging flower baskets. 
      • Apart from colored flowers, hanging basket plants include edibles like strawberry, parsley, nasturtium, and cherry tomato.  


    Apart from adding to the beauty of our gardens, hanging plants and colored flowers decorate our patio and balcony, thereby attracting butterflies to the bright colors and nectars. Sweet Alyssum, Trailing Fuchsias, Creeping Jenny, Million bells, Petunia, and likewise are flowering plants. Drought tolerant plants like Strings of Pearl are good if you cannot water the flower baskets every day. Considering these hanging flower basket ideas, embellish your home with plants that are easy to grow in hanging baskets.