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Best Hacks You Can Do With Aluminum Foil

    There is a possibility that you don’t depend on your television’s antenna for signals nowadays. But it doesn’t imply that aluminum foil is related to the kitchen only. Aluminum foil is the most common thing for average households. It has various purposes in a household, like, campfire, house, and garden. Other than these, 

    Enhance Ironing

    Ironing is a very time-consuming procedure. It takes too long to iron clothes. You can use aluminum foil on the iron board to accelerate the process. Instead of taking up the warmth and moisture, the aluminum foil will hook the warmth and moisture up around your cloth. 

    Besides, if you have a garment, which is not ironable, you can iron it in the same way. 

    Peel Off Sluggish From The Dryer

    Aluminum balls can be an excellent option other than dryer sheets; make small three or four balls, and throw them in the wet clothes. 

    It will assist release any fixed buildup and assist in keeping the clothes segregated to grow the speed of the drying procedure. 

    Before doing so, remember that aluminum foil won’t loosen up your garments or give them a cute smell.  

    Smoothen Jewelry And Silverware

    Whenever your jewelry or silverware gets tarnished, don’t spend your precious money on cleaners, you can use aluminum instead. Take a bowl with foil inside, add warm water, baking soda, salt, and dish detergent. Throw the jewelry, keep it in there for 10-15 minutes, and notice the new shine.

    Make Cleaning Simpler

    if you are going to cook something which might create a mess in your kitchen, in the grill, oven, toaster, you can put some foil at the bottom of the utensil you’ll be using. Take off the foil when done. 

    Another suggestion is to cover the grill rack with foil and not forget to puncture it to allow airflow. And finally, take out the foil at once. So you won’t have a messy griller. 

    Convert Blunt Scissors Into Sharp Ones

    If you are thinking of throwing out the old ones because they have gotten blunt, please don’t. Because you can sharpen the old ones, fold an aluminum 5-6 times, and cut it repeatedly with the scissors. This will sharpen the blunt blades and increase the life of your old scissors.  

    Clean Oven, Pots, Pans, And Grills 

    If cleaning pots, pans, an oven, and a grill with a regular sponge has proved difficult for you, then you can consider using aluminum balls. Tear up a considerable amount of aluminum foil and crumple it. Made for other uses, aluminum balls can still scrub and clean.

    Curling Your Hair

    If you want to curl your hair in the absence of curling iron and in the presence of straightening iron, then aluminum can be used in this place. Segregate your hair in half-inch, roll it up from the ends and wrap the hair around the aluminum foil. And finally, clamp the straightening iron for a few seconds on the curls, remove the foil, and, voila! You have your beautiful curls as if you did it with the curling iron itself. 


    Everything in your kitchen is functional, which means even everyday things like aluminum foil can clean something. Other usages of aluminum foil can be trapping the grease, softening the brown sugar clumps, and starting the fire. All of the points mentioned earlier save not only your time but also save your money. We hope this article helped you in some or another way.