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10 Small Dog Breeds to Own

    Small dogs are cute furry animals that make every dog lover go “aww.” They are much sought-after for several reasons. Firstly, they are easy to carry around. You can put the small dogs in your car, shopping cart, or purse without worrying about them taking up much space. They are ideal for people that travel and want always to have their companions with them.  Small dog breeds are often low maintenance, and not to mention utterly cute! If you’re interested in getting a small dog for yourself or your family, you have come to the right place. Listed below are 10 small dog breeds that are perfect for every home and owner.

    1.    Bichon Frise

    The Bichon Frise is a small family dog breed that is downright adorable. Its fluffy white coat and black beady eyes make the dog breed too cute for words. The Bichon Frise appears like a small children’s toy loved and played with by kids a lot from afar. Bichons are gentle and playful. They are cuddly and full of mischief, which is probably why they are such a great get for kids of all ages. The Bichon has a double coat that doesn’t shed much. But the dog breed does require frequent brushing to keep hair from tangling and trapping dirt or debris.

    2.    Affenpinscher

    The monkey dog, the Affenpinscher, is a feisty little dog breed that makes for a lovely family pet. When trained properly, Affenpinschers can prove to be quite smart and well-behaved. They make for a delightful household companion and are always eager to please their owner. Even though the Affenpinscher needs little grooming, it’s strongly advised to brush its coat daily to keep the dog well maintained and in shape.

    3.    Yorkshire Terrier

    Referred to as “Yorkies,” the Yorkshire Terrier is a gorgeous pup, adored for its long silky hair. Other than being good-looking, Yorkies are quite sophisticated and well-mannered dogs. They are extremely loving, loyal, and affectionate. All of this makes them the perfect household company. Remember, Yorkshire Terriers give loads of love and demands the same in return!

    4.    Chihuahua

    Named after the Mexican city of Chihuahua, the dog breed is among the smallest category of their kind. It is often said that the older version of the dog breed used to be much larger. But after being mixed with a small hairless Asian dog, the Chihuahua has shrunk in its size. Nonetheless, it is a boisterous dog breed that constantly craves love and attention from its owner. While the Chihuahua is considered a lap dog, it prefers to stay active and occupied with fun, playful activities.

    5.    Pomeranian

    Adorably referred to as “Poms,” Pomeranians are smart dogs that thrive on regular exercise and training. They are perky, friendly, and highly devoted to their owners. Regardless of how affectionate they are, Pomeranians can stay home alone for a long time. Note that the Pomeranian has an abundant coat that sheds sometimes. However, the dog breed doesn’t shed as much as other kinds. It is also easier to bathe and groom the fluffy dog breed.

    6.    Papillon

    Papillons are friendly and lively creatures. They are smart and easy to train. Owing to their agility and lean structure, Papillons are the number one candidate for dog sports. The Papillon has many other distinguishable characteristics – one of them being its attractive butterfly-like ears. Papillons are also quite adaptable. They love to learn new things and please their owner whenever possible.

    7.     American Eskimo Dog

    Our list of the best small dog breeds to own would have been incomplete without the mention of the American Eskimo dog. Originated in Germany, the Eskimo is a white to biscuit cream furry dog. They are highly intelligent but can be stubborn sometimes. The American Eskimo is exceedingly faithful to its owner. It makes for a good watchdog and barks at any stranger who comes close to the house or owner.

    8.    Maltese

    The Maltese are silky white dogs with coats falling all the way to the floor. They are gentle, affectionate, and good family dogs. The small dog breed is always responsive and trusting. Even though the Maltese sheds due to an undercoat’s absence, the dog breed is much more than its coat. The Maltese are vigorous and playful and ideal for those with energetic kids.

    9.    German Spitz

    The German Spitz is exceptionally loyal to its owner. The dog breed is smart, attentive, and easy to train. It is friendly with kids and other pets, both dogs and cats, too. The German Spitz sheds little and needs brushing once a week to ensure no knots occur in the coat.

    10.  Dachshund

    Despite its miniature size, Dachshund is known for its brave nature. The family dog can take on animals bigger than themselves when need be. This has a lot to do with the breed’s aggressive personality. That being said, Dachshund is extremely loving, caring, and protective about its owner. When treated well, the dog breed takes good care of its owner and family.


    That’s the wrap on the best small dog breeds to own. All the dog breeds listed here are popular among kids and families. Make sure that you choose a reliable and trustworthy place to adopt any of these dogs from.