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Best Tips To Rid Your Home Of Spiders

    Afraid of spiders? Finding ways to get rid of spiders? You have come to the right place. We know that some spiders don’t harm us, but it’s tough to accept and deal with those eight-legged pests crawling all over the place. They make their webs and leave cobwebs when they move on. First, we shall learn about the different types of spiders, one good thing about spiders is they rarely bite, and even those who do bite don’t often cause prolonged symptoms. Some common house spiders include giant house spiders, daddy long legs, cupboard spiders, money spiders, false widow spiders, cardinal spiders, zebra jumping spiders, etc. To get rid of such spiders, you should take additional care, especially when dealing with venomous spiders. 

    Do you know why spiders come inside?

    Spiders usually don’t come inside. House spiders breed as they lay eggs, and eggs are carried on furniture or building materials. They generate and live in the same house their entire life. Spiders have a specific season to breed, and they are seen at certain times more than on the other days of the year. When the time of mating comes, Male spiders come out in search of females. This is usually in the late summers, but yet it may vary for different species.

    How can you get rid of the spiders?

    Move The Dustbins

    Dustbins are the right home for spiders and flies as it is their food court; as we all know, that flies usually roam around rubbish. Use bins that have a wheel below them, or you can add a spin to them so that you can quickly move it to places away from your home as possible, make sure you keep the bin away from the doors and windows also, cover them with the lid all the time to keep the spiders away from your windows and doors.

    Turn off the outdoor lights.

    Light attracts insects, and you know that this is the favorite food of a spider. And you know that when the lights are on, the bugs and insects are lured into your home, which attracts the spiders. They then get the chance to get into your home, so at night better turn off the lights soon as to get rid of spiders getting into your house.

    Use Conkers

    This is a natural tip for those who want to get rid of spiders. Ancient people suggest that horse chestnuts, also called conkers, contain certain chemicals that spiders find unpalatable.

    However, spiders are scared of conkers. 

    Keep cats as your pet.

    Even if you are not fond of cats, you should keep one as your pet if you are scared of spiders, as cats are experienced hunters of spiders crawling around the floor or the furniture.

    This is one of the best ways to get rid of spiders without pouring any chemicals or medicines. 

    There are several other ways to eliminate spiders, such as growing eucalyptus, lemon peel, keeping the house tidy, keeping the garden clean, sealing the cracks, and getting rid of old food vessels.

    Pest control

    Getting naturally rid of spiders is far much better than using chemicals. You can minimize the spiders’ population at home and make their population less in your home.

    Despite using chemicals, try the following natural and safe remedies yet effective methods to keep these critters away.

    • White vinegar: Vinegar is the original pest control, especially for spiders. Moreover, it is harmless for humans; it has acetic acid, a sour taste, and an odor that spiders are not used to and are highly sensitive to. To spray, mix equal portions of vinegar and water and spray where you think spiders may come. Using vinegar as a cleaning remedy for your washroom behind the dustbin can also work wonders.
    • Mint- it is a natural pest repellent. Spiders hate mint. Adding peppermint essential oil to water can add a bonus to your home by making your home smell minty, or you could also crush the mint leaves and put them in a sachet in your kitchen cupboard to repel spiders. It is also an excellent method to prevent bed bugs from entering your home.
    • Cedar- Sprinkling cedar around your home will get you rid of spiders and other bugs. It has a lovely woody scent that will not harm you but is unappealing to spiders.

    Many other common pest repellants are used, such as chestnuts, diatomaceous earth, citrus, etc.

    Using these pest control substances, you can avoid letting the spiders come in, and the best thing about these pesticides is that they are natural and won’t harm you.


    Spiders generally won’t harm you, but there are myths about them, and that is why people are scared of them, but using these methods will help you get rid of spiders and bugs from your home. Make sure you follow these natural remedies that anyone can follow.

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