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Best Tower Fans To Stay Cool

    These sleek tower fans have many advantages to their credit than just propelling cool air. With summer reaching its peak, a cooling system ensures that you spend the afternoons comfortably. But the comfort may come with the additional cost of the electricity bill. While nothing can compare with the cooling effect of air-conditioners, relatively low-budget tower fans can surely give you relief. Moreover, combining the two helps cool your home better and allows you to shut your AC off more often. 

    Why Should You Consider Tower Fans?

    Tower fans are an apt choice, be it an add-on to your AC or as the only cooling alternative (especially when considering small rooms). With more advanced features and better cooling technology, tower fans are more ideal than other types of fans unless space is an issue. 

    1. Tower fans refer to a design that is sleek, narrow, and long. This implies that it won’t use most of your ground space and can be conveniently in a corner without worries. 
    2. These are not as noisy as other fans.
    3. Equipped with features like nightlights, air-purifiers, and thermostats (depending on the variant), making things simpler for the users.
    4. It comes in multiple styles and models, giving a range of elegant and portable products that adds value to your home.
    5. These improve the circulation of the air. Adding to it, the thermostat makes sure to switch off the device once it reaches a specific temperature. Thus, combining with other cooling products, these improve efficiency and decrease the run time.
    6. Decrease your electricity consumption. Tower fans definitely require less power to run than your ACs. Less electricity consumed = less money.
    7. Considerably safer than other cooling fans regarding the blades.

    How Do They Work?

    A tower fan’s primary function is to circulate the air around the room, giving a cooling effect. It uses an inlet to draw in air which is then run through the length of the fan using the impeller blades, which then push it out through the air blower. Since the fan is vertical, it propels air throughout the length by deploying various longitudinal blades that move up and down. 

    Top-Rated Tower Fans

    Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan 

    The Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan is perfect for those looking to add a fan to a smaller room. The fan is not a high-end version, but it is ideal for those looking for something at a feasible price. The tower fan comes with three modes of operation and provides a slight amount of white noise that does not interrupt your daily peace. Before purchasing this item, make sure to look into the warranties and services the dealer provides. 

    Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Fans

    Dyson is a brand that continuously creates top-of-the-line items, and this fan is one of them. The options available on this fan are almost endless. There are features such as air-purifiers, Wi-Fi connection, voice control using Alexa, sleep timers, ten different speed settings, and an auto-mode. The air-purifier helps cleanse the air in your home and filter particles as small as 0.1 microns thick. 

    Since these fans are not cheap, it is best to purchase them directly from a dealer to reap the benefits of any warranties or services. 

    Comfort Zone Oscillating Tower Fan

    This small and portable tower fan is an affordable option. The small size makes it a suitable choice for personal use, be it on the desk or bedside. It comes with three modes which you can change from low to high speed without compromising on the sound it produces. The small size and lightweight construction make it an ideal companion for circulating the air in the room. But at the same time, the size limits the area it can effectively work on. 

    Lasko 42’ Wind Curve Tower Fan

    This large machine can effectively bring down the temperatures of a large room with ease. The oscillation is not up to the mark; still, the device makes it up with its power output. The device comes with three-speed settings with minimum possible sound, and you can also control all the settings with the remote. The inbuilt handle increases the portability of the machine.  

    Vornado 41’’ Tower Circulator

    The 41′ device can effectively cool down your large rooms with its powerful motors. The speed controls have four settings that you can access with a remote or on the device itself. The V-Flow circulation increases the area of its flow to greater expansion. The large warranty period makes sure that you can run the machine without worry for a long time. Clean this device often since there is no way for you to disassemble it. Therefore, dusting is important; otherwise, the accumulated dust decreases the performance over time. 


    Tower fans surely decrease your carbon footprint and bills, but make sure to buy a size that works for you. These fans not only help cool you down, but they can also help purify the air in your home. Remember always to read the warranty and reviews to determine if the tower fan is right for you.