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Best wi-fi Home Security Systems

    With the internet becoming an integral part of our lives, humans have gained control over many things happening around them, and home security is one such aspect. Now using your smartphone, you can remotely control what is happening in your house. From locking doors to switching off lights, everything is a touch away if you have a wi-fi security system installed in your home. Using a wireless security system, you can get alerts through your phone. Once installed, you can update the system and make changes to suit your needs.
    You can find a wide variety of wireless security systems that are also highly customizable. You can choose between DIY security systems or a full-blown security system set up that requires professional installation and monitoring. Of course, your choice depends upon your security needs, personal preference, and budget. Below we highlight some of the best wi-fi home security systems that can help you make the right choice.



    Frontpoint is an all-time favorite home security system with DIY installation and professional monitoring. The high-quality equipment, easy installation, professional monitoring, and excellent customer service, make it the best choice to guard your home from internal and external threats. Using Frontpoint, you can automate your home and monitor against environmental threats.
    The professional monitoring term ranges from a minimum of one year up to three years. The longer you opt for professional monitoring, the better deal you get. In case you are not satisfied with the system, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee effective from the start of the contract.



    Want a smoother life and better control at home? Go for Vivint. It is one of the best wireless home security systems. Using artificial intelligence, your system can learn how to control your home. Along with the artificial intelligence system, you can make decisions that are better for your home and family.
    Using this home security system, you can get weather alerts, stream videos from the security camera, lock doors, and switch off lights. The use of this security system is associated with a 10-15% reduction in energy bills, thanks to the AI that is a part of this security system. Customers of Vivint can enjoy shorter monthly and longer annual monitoring contracts. While it may seem like a pricy option, you will end up saving in multiple ways in the long run.

    ADT Pulse

    ADT is the oldest running home security company in North America. It provides a variety of home security systems, but we focus on the wireless system called the ADT Pulse.


    With a professionally installed and monitored home security system and integrated mobile application, ADT Pulse allows you to program your home. So while you are away, you can still control what happens in your house.
    Perhaps the only drawback of ADT Pulse is the 36-month monitoring contract. However, you can easily make monthly payments. The company offers same-day installation if you place your order before 2 p.m.

    When looking for a wi-fi home security system, you can find endless options. But you choose the one that best meets your security needs, preference, and budget. Go for home security systems that provide professional monitoring, easy installation, and better security for your home.