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Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work

    Cleaning your home seems like a daunting task despite having cleaning resources. Even though cleaning products are advertised on TV and other media streams about their effectiveness for deep cleaning and killing 99.9% of germs, there is a need for effective tactics to destroy nasty dirt particles. The cleaning process gets boring when one does not see good results and gives up on the task. Thus, the idea of cleaning your apartment or other equipment sounds boring as there are no visible results. Therefore, this article has some brilliant cleaning hacks that might help make your chores go by quicker. 

    Cleaning Tactics For Whiteboard And Blackboards

    Do you own a whiteboard or a blackboard and are frustrated about the residual ink and chalk marks? Many individuals these days use the blackboard to enhance home décor, which sets in a perfect vibe with artwork and quotes. However, the blackboard leaves off dust residuals and makes the board look dusty and dull. You can get rid of chalk dust from your board by using baby wipes or wet tissues. Baby wipes and wet tissues trap the dust and give off a smooth, shiny surface. 

                 Furthermore, using black markers on whiteboards leaves off residual black ink marks on the board. Despite wiping off the board with a wet cloth, these black ink marks are difficult to remove despite wiping off the board. However, using hairspray, the stubborn black ink marks will eliminate quickly. 

    Cleaning Hacks For Window Panes And Glasses

    Have you experienced a cloudy appearance on your window plane and mirrors in your house? Despite using commercial cleaning products and paper towels, one experiences their windowpane and glasses develop a hazy appearance in the place. Furthermore, the window glasses look pale and start giving off an aged appearance. 

    However, there is a trick that will shine on your glasses and mirrors at home. This includes washing your glasses and using paper to wipe off the glasses. Another trick is using coffee filters to achieve spot-free and the desired shine making your glasses new with maximum shine and gloss.  

    Effective Use Of Alcohol For Cleaning

    Soiled dirt and smells can easily get trapped on outdoor gear like shoes, camping equipment, and more. Getting rid of the stench and the wet filth gets difficult. Where commercial cleaning products fail, the use of alcohol provides great cleaning benefits. Many DIY cleaning experts fill a spray bottle with vodka and essential oil for a touch of fragrance. 

    Using the mist of this mixture and wiping off dirt from outdoor gear is done with ease. Additionally, the trace elements of essential oils get rid of the stink from the muck. Hence, more or less, it gets rid of the dirt and offers a good fragrance making your outdoor gear good as new. 

    Use Of Dryer Sheets For Stubborn Stains On Pots And Pans 

    Everyone faces the difficulty of a sticky wok or pan glued with burnt food. It looks disgusting, and despite rubbing it off physically and using soap and brush, getting rid of the adamantly trapped burnt food residue is challenging to eliminate quickly. 

    However, there is a solution to your struggles of getting rid of the gunk on your cookware. The only thing you need is a dryer sheet, which will do the magic for you. You can soak dryer sheets with soap water in the pan or the wok to remove the sticky surface. Keep it for a couple of hours, and you will be surprised at how easily that stubborn moist, burnt food comes off. 

    The Wonders Of Using Mayonnaise

    Despite offering a delicious taste, mayonnaise can also help to sparkle porcelain products like pots, bathtubs, and more. You can quickly eliminate rust stains from the porcelain-based artifacts by applying a thick layer of mayonnaise. It sounds weird at first, but many cleaning experts have proved the idea. Post application of mayo, wipe it off with a dry cloth, and you will see a shiny, lustrous porcelain surface providing anti-aging benefits. 

    Shine Your Silverware With Cornstarch

    Cornstarch is widely in cooking to offer a thick consistency. Furthermore, it is also in factories as a thickening agent for the production of soap. Despite these applications, cornstarch can help sparkle your silverware and make it brand new. It is an easy process, simply apply the solution to any silverware and let it sit. Then it is allowed to dry, and then it is rubbed off with a dry cloth leaving behind sparkling, highly reflective silverware, making it look brand new. It now becomes easier to impress your guests.  

    Tricks To Sparkle Your Microwave

    Microwave is one of the kitchen appliances that most use daily. Therefore, it is subject to greasy stains and trapped food residue, causing the microwave to stink and provide a rusty appearance. However, wiping it off using commercial cleaners does not help. The most effective strategy is to make use of vinegar and lemon cuts. All you have to do is put enough vinegar in a bowl and dip some lemon cuts in it. Then microwave the solution for about five minutes, and afterward, let it sit for five minutes with the door closed. Voila, your Microwave will start sparking again and give off a pleasing fragrance.


    Despite having multiple cleaning products in the market, their effectiveness is lower, and many people offer to obtain the desired clean look. Hence, the process of cleaning and maintaining home equipment and furniture becomes a fun job to do. However, these cleaning hacks will help you in the long run and help you establish a good cleaning regimen as it offers promising results.