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Common Places You Might Not Clean

    As you brush over the surfaces and along the whole house, you might have often felt satisfied by completing one chore out of dozens that are waiting for you! But that satisfaction only lasts till you find a spot that needs another round of cleaning, and the cycle repeats. 

    The tiny specs of dust and lots of germs quickly hide in the remote corners that we often neglect during our daily cleaning sessions. You know they are there, but you leave them to be taken care of during your subsequent deep cleaning sessions. Since these spots require a little more bending and twisting to be cleaned, they remain a haven for the dust (and possibly germs) if left unattended over time. Here are the top ignored spots that desperately call for attention!

    Under The Furniture

    This is a considerable task when you have furniture tucked in every square inch of your house. But yes, these are the very places where there are a lot of buildups of dust. Hence, if you plan to move or set up your new space, keep this in mind. Vacuuming is perfect for this area, but you need to put in a little more effort to reach the deep pockets!

    Window Grills

    Many people add window grills as a part of the safety feature. Since they play a significant role in the aesthetics of the house, they invest in fancy patterns. All is fine until you see dust accumulating on them. The more delicate the designs, the harder it is to clean them. This is especially true for the designs that use many circles and twists and turns in them. The window grills in the kitchen further add the woes by getting greasy.   

    Vacuuming is not the go-to option for these. You can either clean off the dust by using a powerful blower or go the manual way. 

    Light Fixtures

    Outdoor light fixtures are one of the common spots for the bugs to rest. As the night falls, these lights attract a whole range of bugs that make nests in them. Over time, they accumulate not just dust but also dead bodies of countless bugs. Hence, make sure to clean them over time. 

    Indoor fixtures don’t have bugs as the problem. But the delicate and fancy design means you have a lot of spaces to clean! Use a soft cloth with mild detergent to clean the dust off. Be gentle with the cleaning as you don’t want to destroy the beauty.

    Home Décor Sculptures/ Figurines

    As they lay untouched over time, dust quickly collects on them. Moreover, because of the delicate design, cleaning is tedious. Use mild detergent to gently clean the surface only if necessary. If the blower does the job, it is the best way to get rid of the dust in the corners. But make sure you don’t wait long, as dust stuck for ages doesn’t come off by simply blowing!

    Filters Every

    There are multiple filters around the house that require cleaning. Every filter requires periodic cleaning to maintain its best performance, from the vacuum filter to the air purifier. 

    If you have heat registers in homes, it is essential to clean there periodically to collect dust and hair. Dryer vents also see a periodic buildup of lint. AC filters also demand annual cleaning to work efficiently.

    Trash Cans

    These are hard to ignore but too bothersome to clean every time. The trash cans are the most likely place for the bacteria to thrive, and it is difficult to ignore the stink! Most of the time, the wet waste that goes into the trash cans makes things more difficult. 

    Clean them up before they start stinking and attract other pests! Using a pressure washer is ideal as the pressure itself is enough to scrape off the substance and clean it up. Otherwise, you can go the traditional way with brushes to do the job.


    Curtains hang all year and look perfectly fine…until you put them to a wash. Curtains are not just susceptible to dirt from accidental spills or your pets urinating on them. Just one dip in the water, and you will notice the dust they carry.

    If your curtains don’t shrink on washing, clean them at home itself; otherwise, you would want to take them to the dry cleaners periodically. 

    The Neglected Places

    Though we religiously clean all the places that are immediately visible to our eyes, there are some surfaces we often forget! 

    Remotes And Keyboards

    Those tiny spaces accumulate dust, and the frustrating part is that they are so difficult to wipe off! Being electrical gadgets further restricts their cleaning modes to only dry settings. 

    So next time you have a lot of time to spare or are binge-watching your series, grab a cotton pad, put it in alcohol, and use it to clean the corners with the help of a toothpick or other pointed objects. 

    Faucets/ Shower Heads

    Over time, the faucets and showerheads accumulate a lot of buildups, decreasing the visual appeal that the new glossy faucets provide! Since the bathroom provides ample moisture content, all the surface in the bathrooms is perfect space for the microbes to thrive. You can use any cleaner or cleaning mixture to improve the cleaning efficiency. 


    As you ignore a few spaces, the buildup gradually increases, making it impossible for simple cleaning to do the work. Hence, rather than waiting for the dust to slowly accumulate, clean these spaces regularly to ensure the cleaning sessions are not tiresome!