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Crafty Home Improvements That You Can Do In One Day

    Here some of the easiest DIY home projects out there, which you can complete in a day! You can complete these projects with a bit of time management and prioritization on your part and end up with brilliant results. You will finally have the confidence that you are getting things done.

    As we said earlier, some projects might be straightforward, but they could be time-consuming. Thus, taking up such projects as repaving the patio of your house or learning to drywall could start feeling boring before you even complete those projects. It is time to help you switch your attention to the crafty improvements you can make to your home quickly! The list given below could be the holy grail for your time management problems!

    Hand-Paint Your Wallpaper

    If you cannot afford any expensive wallpaper for your home but need one desperately, the best thing you could start doing is work on a DIY wallpaper. Firstly, hand painting your wallpaper would save you a lot of money. Moreover, it is not at all time-consuming. There are many ways that you could paint your wallpaper. If you were in the mood for stencils, you could make patterns using pieces of wood and penciling vertical lines to create geometric patterns.

    Create A DIY Coffee Station

    Some of us love to collect different coffee mugs, leading to us having mismatched coffee mugs in our beautiful collection. If you are a coffee mug hoarder, too, it’s probably time that you create your coffee station. First, you need to group your go-to coffee mugs for your mornings separately. To do this, you will need to take a piece of wood, sand it and spray it with lacquer to make it into a shelf. You can then display your collection or even add mug hooks as they have in stores.

    Build A DIY Fire Pit

    If you have some old bricks lying in your garden and backyard and don’t know what to do with them, we are here to your rescue. The best thing you can do with them is turning them into your DIY fire pit. You would have to lay the bricks in a circle and then chalk out a circle within, with which you would have to dig a hole. In bonfire season, all you will have to do is gather some wood, bring home some friends and enjoy your time roasting marshmallows.

    Build A Slide-Out Crate Organizer 

    If you have too many milk crates blocking your way about the house and you seem to lack space, here’s one thing that you could try. You could turn these crates into functional items for storing the things that you would need regularly. To turn these crates into an organizer, spray-paint them with the colors you want and add drawer tracks linked to both the box and the wall behind the DIY organizer.

    Redo An Old Mirror

    If you have a mirror that is starting to lackluster, you could quickly transform it into a statement piece. You will need some white paint, tape, and some Rust-Oleum spray paint in whichever color you prefer. Firstly, you will need to paint the corner of the mirror you have with white paint and then finish with your color of choice. Depending on the material and the color you desire, the steps may change to receive the best outcome.

    Paint Your Nightstand With A Stencil

    When we make improvements all around the house, we can’t forget the bedroom at all. If you have had your nightstand for quite a while now and it’s starting to seem dull, then it’s time to spruce it up a bit! Creating a custom nightstand only takes a couple of hours. You need to have some chalk paint and stencils and create the bone inlay yourself, which would cost a lot if you had tried to buy a new nightstand.

    Build A DIY Bookshelf

    It is excellent being a reader and having a book all the time in your hand. But the problem arises when you don’t have the space to store all your books. That is reason enough why you should try to make a DIY bookshelf of your own. You have to invest in a few shelves or cabinets, which would cost a fraction of what an actual bookshelf would cost. 

    Removable Tiles In The Kitchen

    Now that we have made some improvements in the bedroom, it is time to think about the kitchen. Upgrading your kitchen shouldn’t mean having to spend tons of your hard-earned money. The easiest way that you can transform your kitchen space is by using removable tiles. Thus, this is a fantastic weekend project, and it doesn’t take much longer than that. Since you will be using removable tiles, you can customize your space as many times as you want!

    Make A DIY Compost Bin 

    It makes no sense to be wasting away all those fruit peels or eggshells when you can make a perfect DIY fertilizer for the plants in your backyard. Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but you would also be saving some money as you won’t have to buy fertilizer. Another great advantage that you would get out of making your compost is that it would be free of chemicals, unlike the store-bought ones. 

    Make A Wreath For Your Front Door

    Now that you have made crafty minor improvements all over the house, don’t you think your front door needs a fun makeover too? After all, the appearance of your home and, most importantly, your front door would speak a lot about you as a person. The first thing that you can do is make a lovely wreath for your front door. You could use a beautiful floral wreath and use crafty items like paper plates and glitter to add life to your creation. You could even create flowers using paper or cardboard and then glue them on the wreath along with other decorations.


    All the DIY home projects that we have listed above aren’t just decorative but quite functional too. From creating more space for your books by building DIY bookshelves to making a friendly and available fire pit in your backyard, we have listed worthwhile projects that are easy yet not time-consuming. Since you have got most of the basic ideas down, you can now start these simple projects.