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Decorating Ideas For Halloween

    Dark evenings and a chill that runs through your body, not just because of the weather – that is Halloween’s essence. Who doesn’t love Halloween? Spooky decor, horror stories, and a whole lot of fun make Halloween even more appealing for some of us. With the chill of the October ending and winter coming close, the witches and zombies’ stories sound even more fascinating. Kids love this holiday even more, and decoration gives us the chance to show our creative skills!

    Here are some decorating ideas for Halloween! 

    Spider Nest and Cobwebs

    Nothing adds the element of subtle horror and strangeness the way spider nests do. Cobwebs have traditionally been associated with something otherworldly scary. Of course, since you’ll be adding them to your house according to your preference, you can find the perfect balance ‘spooky enough to make the kids gape’ and ‘leave everyone trembling in fear.’ You can take this one step ahead and buy some fake spiders as well. Or, you know, make them at your home with some pretty simple material! 


    October and pumpkins have a special connection. A Halloween without haunting smiles carved on a pumpkin? It gives a sense of something missing. Jack-o-lanterns are easy to add to your Halloween party, and they, in turn, will provide some incredibly eerie and ghostly vibes, and you can spend some great family time preparing them before you display it on your porch. Nothing beats the sinister light flickering through a pumpkin’s hollow eyes!  

    Scary Candle Holders

    Candles have their role to play in Halloween decoration, and we’ll discuss that in a bit. But imagine a room full of glow in the dark pumpkins, cobwebs, spider nests, and on top of that, some classic candle holders that will instantly remind you of Count Dracula. Turn this idea into a Gothic project and use skull-shaped candle holders. Fun tip: you can name the candle holder Yorick. (Why waste a chance to show off your knowledge of Shakespeare?)


    A scarecrow immediately makes one feel that something out of the ordinary could be taking place right now. Is someone going to fly across the sky today? Well, the Scarecrow knows but won’t tell you. To spook all your guests this Halloween season, go a little extra with the Scarecrow. A rotting corpse scarecrow right outside your house will send people trembling and impressed with your skills and passion for Halloween decoration.  

    Ominous Mirror

    Add the perfect amount of creepiness with a mirror. A spider hanging at the top and the mirror’s partial fogginess will give some real Halloween Town vibes. You can put your skull candle holders next to it, so it is reflected in the mirror for extra effect. Use it to your advantage for highlighting the rest of the decoration. For bringing some serious spookiness to the mirror, tape a warning sign or word. Or put a photo frame with a hauntingly beautiful mansion next to it. 


    Halloween isn’t Halloween without certain symbols and images, and bats remain one of those things. Make a whole bat colony in your house this October! Not real, of course. Create your floppy bats and the details like glowing, all-watching eyes contrasting with their pitch-black bodies. Hang them in open cupboards or railings upside down on artificial branches. You can find bat templates and cut-outs for making your bats at home.

    Spooky Entryway

    Why not begin with the entrance itself? Especially with the Scarecrow outside, it will look perfect. Make it as eerie and fun as you want with oodles of spookiness. Moss, pumpkins, spiderwebs, monster faces with construction paper and paint. If you have some old decoration from previous Halloweens that you don’t want to add inside the house, you can re-use it for the entrance with a little paint and brushing. Hanging big eyes that stare unblinkingly from the door can also give your entry perfect otherworldly strangeness. 

    Witch’s Brooms

    Unsurprisingly, you’re likely to see many people dressed up as witches on Halloween. Admittedly, the history of witches is disturbing, and most of what we know is through folktales and superstitions, Halloween is still a holiday to be enjoyed light-heartedly. You can put many brooms together in a corner for your Halloween decoration, or hang one up from the ceiling, so it looks like it’s flying in the air. It’s not going to cost you heavily either -get some fallen branches, weeds, and tall grass, and make the perfect broom at your home itself.

    Trick or Treat Greeters

    Go all out Goosebumps mode this Halloween and take some inspiration from children’s books to scare the trick or treaters coming your way! From a scary monster to an adorable and friendly ghost, you can make a spooky trick or treat greeter with some templates, construction paper, glue, paint, and ideas! You can choose a chilly black cat or a big-boned skeleton -what matters is your creativity. If you’re running short of ideas or would instead put your energy in other decorative stuff, you can always order a greeter online.

    These were some ideas for a truly spooky Halloween! You can add your taste and personality to it. If you’re a literature buff, take inspiration from Gothic novels or poems. Add a giant raven perched at the top of your cupboard, saying ‘nevermore’ or put a tall pumpkin man next to the candies. You can even put a Halloween-themed centerpiece in the room!