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Dog Breeds That Take Ease House Training

    No dog breed can magically be potty trained, and all dogs need training in the initial stage; therefore, your willingness to put effort and be consistent can help your dog quickly learn to the bathroom outside. There are breeds with a reputation of being intelligent, obedient, and hardworking. With the inbuilt traits, potty training becomes an easy process. So here are dog breeds that are easiest to housebreak.

    Australian Shepherd

    Australian shepherds are quick in mastering their duties in farm setup and fast learners in the home environment. In addition, they have inbuilt habits to keep their living space clean. Therefore, crate training isn’t very difficult for this breed. Use positive training techniques like rewarding your puppy with treats when they relieve themselves outside.

    Bichon Frise

    They hate to pee in their sleeping place. Not only do they learn when crate trained, but they pick up potty training quickly and don’t hesitate to let you know when they need to go. Bichon Frise is the easiest to housebreak.

    Border Collie

    Border collie’s high intelligence makes him easy to please the owner by responding crisply to the given commands. Even at a minor age housetraining with love and kindness can motivate your young fellow.

    Boston Terrier

    Boston terrier is a pack of energy with short attention. Thus training can be a bit of work. However, Boston terriers learn quickly with powerful human techniques like consistency and patience. You and your dog will make mistakes and create a stronger bond while training.

    Doberman Pinscher

    Doberman Pinscher is a highly skilled and intelligent breed. Potty training is not a challenge for him as he can quickly learn to do their business within days. Doberman Pinschers are eager learners and sensitive, capable of search and rescue duties.

    German Shepherd 

    The German shepherd is a protective, hardworking police breed with the ability to learn advanced techniques. Potty training this dog won’t take much of your time, and future training options are endless for this quick learner breed.

    Labrador Retriever 

    Being a working breed Labrador retriever is easy to house train. Often seen as service dogs or therapy dogs, these can easily pick any tricks with positive enforcement training. Labs have a playful and adventurous personality making them lovable by children.


    Maltese is a cute tiny breed with tiny bladders with quick learning ability. Encourage the Maltese with positive reinforcement, and they’ll learn to relieve themselves outside within no time. 

    Miniature Schnauzer

    Miniature schnauzers are the most reliable and attentive of them all, within a few days of bringing a Miniature schnauzer to your house. The breed can learn potty training if you are positive and consistent with training your breed. Please don’t give them a harsh punishment. 


    Shar-pei can typically catch on house training easily. Stick to the routine of training and reward your dog for his excellent training behavior; by doing so, you’ll eliminate accidents quickly in the house.

    Standard Poodle

    The standard poodle is an intelligent breed that responds well to training. However, like all dogs, treat them with patience and consistency, and it will take just a few days and an enjoyable process.

    Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzu is a bit stubborn and independent. Giving them attention and praise will help you make them do whatever you wish to. Reward them with tasty treats to get them to do their business outside.


    These dog breeds can easily please their loved ones by learning new tricks. In addition, this small breed can quickly adapt to new environments and potty training.

    Bernese Mountain Dog

    Bernese Mountain Dogs are great family dogs with well-behaved, adorable, and happy nature. With their cleverness, they can pick up commands and new rules easily.

    Shetland Sheepdog

    Shetland Sheepdogs are the comedians of the dog world. These pups love showing off their unfamiliar tricks and smartness. 


    Dog parents can’t let their puppies get away with everything, even if the dog is cute. So training a dog becomes necessary to ensure they grow up well mannered. Maintain a schedule when potty training, and learn your dog’s cues that they need to go outside.