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Strong Smelling Flowers To Have Indoors

    There is no better feeling than being welcomed by the sweet smell of scented flowers that you have kept indoors. There is a reason behind people being so picky about which flowers to keep inside the house. Flowers are not just a mere decorative part of the interiors, but they play a massive role in determining how you and your house members think and feel throughout the day. If the flowers in your house have a strong smell, it can give you quite a headache or cause you to be irritable. Similarly, if they have a very subtle, not so distinct scent, then they are just working as a showpiece item without creating any impact. 

    However, if they have a mild yet recognizable sweet fragrance, then they can practically make a difference in your day in a much more positive manner. But then, how do you know which flowers can strike that perfect balance of tolerable sweetness? Well, that requires a bit of research, but to make your job easier, we’re here with our expertly chosen top picks of flowers to have inside the house. Let’s get started! Before we start naming the flowers and describe their look and fragrance, it’s important to address why discussing this is so important. 

    To begin with, there is a strong connecting between the mind and the body. This means that our physical state and mental state are always in touch with each other, and either of them can potentially influence each other. The physical presence of your body at a particular place instantly actives a specific response in your mind. Similarly, the powerful sense of the body can mold the way you think and process information. For example, seeing the color red aggravates feelings of anger and frustration due to raised blood pressure. This explains how your senses control your body, and in turn, your mind. 

    In the same way, the kind of smell you surround yourself with directly affects your mental state. If you constantly keep smelling unpleasant and foul smells, it will reflect on your mind by making you feel unhappy and annoyed. However, if you smell sweet fragrances, you will eventually start feeling optimistic and happy. All in all, flowers are not just to make your house look pretty but also to lift your mood and ensure a happy mental state. 

    That being said, let’s have a look at the best flowers to keep inside your house. 


    If you’re a fan of white flowers with a sweet smell, this one is just for you! This one is usually seen in bouquets and for the right reason. They can make your home smell sweet with their floral scent. Besides, this one looks just as pretty as it smells. White flowers have their distinct charm, and they are straightforward to pair in any room, with any kind of decor. In addition to being a gorgeous white flower-bearing plant, Stephanotis is also easy to grow and can make your home smell magical. However, they may take some time to grow indoors, but if you wish to speed up the process, place them in partial sunlight in the early summer. 

    Lily Of The Valley

    These are yet another different plant that bears white flowers and green leaves. And more than anything else, the most memorable part about this plant is its sweet, floral scent. Lily of the valley is often found in outdoor gardens, but growing indoors is also a great option because of its quick adaptability and soothing scent. Lily of the valley can potentially be the reason behind your house members’ happy, cheerful mood because of its highly appealing, sweet scent. So much so that people would try to find a reason to visit your house and be around these lovely flowers. 

    Lemon Balm

    You may have noticed that everyone has a different choice of taste. Similar is the case of smell. Not everyone likes sweet fragrances. Some people like a spicy scent, while some prefer a mildly sweet and tartaric smell. And if you are one of the tart smell-loving people, then lemon balm should be in your house. This plant has a bushy growth and yields small lavender or purple-colored flowers. Just slightly running your hand through these flowers can leave you with a sweet, sour, tartaric, citric scent that can calm your nerves and make you feel relaxed. There is a reason for this plant to be used in medicinal practices in the early days. 

    Cuban Oregano

    If spicy scents are something you find comfort in, then look no further and get a trim, Cuban oregano plant for your house. This is quite a rare plant to be found in the house, but that’s major because it takes a unique sense of smell to understand and admire the depth of Cuban oregano’s fragrance. Just a casual brush across this plant can fill your room with a delicate spicy smell. Being related to the Swedish Ivy, the Cuban oregano has been around for a long time now. It can grow easily and quickly, and it doesn’t expand too much, so you don’t have to worry about it outgrowing into other areas. 

    Corsican Mint

    Mint has been known for its incredible texture and soothing scent for years, and it continues to be one of the most relaxing plants you can have at home. There are very few plants that hold the potential to heal your headache in such a subtle yet effective manner. So if you are prone to headaches, you should have a small Corsican mint plant in your room. For best growth, keep the plant facing the window such that adequate sunlight is absorbed. Other than that, it is pretty easy to grow, as long it receives at least a couple of hours of sunlight. 


    All in all, plants can genuinely affect your mental state and help you refresh and feel at peace by just their scent. They can practically make or break your day and mental state simply based on their fragrance. This is why having the right plants inside your house is a must. This guide will help you make a solid and well-researched decision so that you feel great in just a couple of breaths. So go ahead, pick the most suitable plant from the list mentioned above, and make your day every day!