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Dryer Sheet Hacks Everyone Should Know

    Everybody knows that dryer sheets are to keep your laundry fresh. But do you know that it can be for other purposes also? Below are some handy tips to keep your house clean with dryer sheets. It may sound unusual initially, but these sheets work wonders to clean items from dishes to baseboards. 

    Practicing Sewing 

    If you are teaching your kids how to sew or even learning sewing, this can be an excellent option for you to practice sewing without wasting or damaging your clothes. The dryer sheet is not slippery, so that you can hold it very still and practice on it without getting hurt by the needle. The sole quality of the dryer sheet makes it simple to look at your stitches. Its thinness allows the needle to go through pretty easily. 

    Cleaning Glass Stovetops

    Ordinary cleaners, overused clothes, and worn-out sponges can create chaos on your glass stovetop. Removing any small overcooked bits from the glass stovetop can be proved as the most challenging task ever because the burnt pieces stick to it and do not leave by any means. For removing them, follow these simple steps:

      • Ensure that the stove is turned off and cold. 
      • Keep the dryer sheet on the burned food.
      • Spray water (enough to soak it completely) and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. 
      • Take the wet dryer sheet and scrub the stove stovetop. 
      • In the end, take some liquid dishwashing soap, and clean it a little; after that, wash it and wipe it with a dry cloth. 

    Cleaning Burnt Foods From Pots And Pans

    Just like removing burnt or spilled food from the glass stovetop, you can also remove burnt food from the containers with the help of dryer sheets. All you have to do is fill the container with the water and dishwashing soap, submerge the dryer sheet, sit for approximately one to two hours, and then wash it normally. 

    Clean Stainless Steel

    You don’t need to purchase fancy and expensive cleaners and wipes for polishing the surface of stainless steel faucets, car rims, and appliances. Take a fresh dryer sheet and scrape the stains in circles. To conduct the final polishes, wipe the dryer sheets towards the grain.

    Cleaning Blinds, Ceiling Fans, And Baseboards

    Because the static soaking properties make the dryer sheet perfect for cleaning the dust, you can wipe the blinds, ceiling fans, and baseboard with the dryer sheets. You can even soak the dryer sheets for a different result.     

    Wipe The Crayon Marks From The Wall

    If you have a little kid who loves to draw on the wall, you get a stroke while the kid is drawing because it is tough to remove the crayon stains. But you don’t have to worry about those stains because you can wipe them with a dryer sheet. 

    Clean A Hairbrush

    Hairbrushes go through a lot due to hair residue, dandruff, or dust. And because of that, they get dirty pretty quickly. Take a big bowl and submerge all your hairbrushes in it. But before doing that, take a look at these steps:

      • Take out any hair or dust particles present on the hairbrush. 
      • Take a bowl and fill it with hot water and soak two dryer sheets. 
      • Soak your brush in the water for about two to three hours.
      • Take out the brush from the bowl and wash it nicely. 
      • Dry out the hairbrush with a dry towel and then dry it. 

    Dried Paint On Paint Brushes

    Dried paints can be a headache for all the careless and forgetful Picassos out there. But it can be made pretty easy by the use of dryer sheets. All you have to do is fill a container with warm water, submerge the dryer sheet, place the paintbrushes into the container and let it sit for 30 minutes. In the end, wash the paintbrushes with normal water, and you will be able to see the dried and chapped paint wash away easily. 

    Removal Of Dirt From Iron 

    It is not common to think about cleaning iron, but it can ruin your clothes as the dirt might stick to your crisp and clean clothes. Take a low-setting iron and a new dryer sheet just like a piece of garment. Any dirt on the iron will come on the dryer sheet, leaving it clean.  

    Removal Of Deodorant Marks

    The most notorious marks on clothing can be these deodorant marks which can sabotage your outfit. If you have a dryer sheet with you, then rub the dryer sheet on the spot. Your outfit will be clean and with a pleasant scent in it. 

    Removal Of Glitter Nail Paint

    Ordinary nail paints get off just with the help of nail paint remover and a piece of cotton. But the textured and glittery nail paints are very tough to eliminate. Luckily, dryer sheets can help you with that too. Just take a dryer sheet, submerge it in a nail paint remover, and then wipe it off.

    Keeping Hair Friction-free

    Many hairbrushes have harsh and stiff bristles, which causes a lot of friction in the hairs. Dryer sheets can help with that; just keep the dryer sheet in the center of the brush. Press the sheet until the bristles are poking out of the dryer sheet, and then you are ready to use it. 


    Other than these, you can use a dryer sheet for:

      • Preventing Mice 
      • Preventing Mosquito 
      • Covering Up The Bottom Of The Plant Pots 
      • Keeping Shoes Odorless
      • Keeping The Room Or Cars Fresh

    Other than using the dryer sheets for their obvious use, there are many different ways you can use dryer sheets to make your daily work easy.