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Easter Activities To Keep The Kids Busy

    Easter Holidays are synonymous with fun, excitement, celebration, and smiles all around. It is so much fun to see the kids full of excitement; families come together to share a meal, make memories, and enjoy the break. Celebrating Christ’s resurrection is coupled with uplifting music, Easter baskets filled with candies and toys, kids enjoying the beautiful spring day with an Easter egg hunt, and many other attractions.

    Easter brings a smile on the face, and the prayers offered to give a powerful message. Though kids enjoy all the settings, keeping them busy can be tiring as they keep you on your toes. You can plan some funny and interactive Easter activities for kids. Some ideas that can be useful are:

    Bake Goodies Together

    You can involve the kids in baking treats for the family. You can have a mini baking spree for the kids to try and make some cute cupcakes. You can also hold a fun bake sale to raise money for charity.

    Sports Activities

    Kids love to be outdoors and enjoy sports a lot. You can arrange for some fun outdoor activities in the garden. An obstacle race, sprint, or tug of war can be enjoyable. If you have enough space, kids can enjoy playing football, handball, etc. You can organize a small competition so that the kids can be excited about the prices that they can win.

    Art And Craft

    Kids are very creative and always love to do some art and craft activities. You can arrange for some art activities like drawing a poster on the Easter theme, painting an Easter egg, making some Easter-themed cartoons out of old cardboard, or use the waste material to make the best out of waste goodies. These can be given out as return gifts for your Easter brunch.

    Set Up A Garage Sale

    You can ask the kids to clean up their rooms and study area before Easter Holidays. You can put any unwanted things upon a garage sale, and the proceeds can be given out for charity. You can set up excellent music and reward the kids with a lovely Easter treat for completing this task.

    A Nice Outing For The Whole Day

    Easter Holidays provide time for a great family get-together. You can get ample time to spend together. You can plan a small outing to the countryside or a museum. You may also take the kids to a theme park and pack all the treats for a nice picnic. Volunteering for any activity being carried out in the neighborhood, as a clean-up or trimming the society garden, can also be taken up for fun.

    Easter Egg Hunt

    This traditional activity is still a massive hit among the children. You can hide the Easter eggs around the house or garden and then arrange a treasure hunt for the kids. You may set up several clues for kids to search these hidden eggs.

    Explore Your Surroundings

    Holidays are a perfect time to explore your neighborhood. You can grab this opportunity and pack your treats to go out for a long walk or a picnic and play some fun games outdoors.

    Put Up A Play On Easter

    You can challenge the kids to write their scripts and perform a play on the Easter theme. This will keep them occupied and will also give them great exposure. You can arrange for some props that they might need or encourage them to make their props required for the play.

    Easter Table Setting

    Easter calls for a special lunch or dinner for the family. You can encourage the kids to decorate the table with a lovely flower arrangement, some moss, Easter eggs, and place the cutlery needed for the Easter brunch.

    Party Piñata

    You can encourage the kids to make a giant Bunny party piñata. Fill it up with treats, candies, and chocolates and let the guests go wild collecting all the goodies of this piñata.

    Easter Cards

    Kids can be encouraged to make beautiful Easter cards sent out to family, friends, and relatives or given out with return gifts on the Easter brunch.

    Easter Spoon Race

    You can give a new twist to the old-fashioned lemon and spoon race. Replace the lemons with colorful Easter eggs. This game brings the whole family together as they all rush to reach the finishing line.

    Feed The Bunny

    You can make a cute cut out of a Bunny, and the kids need to throw carrots at the Bunny. These carrots need to pass through the hole in the mouth, and you can reward the winners with Easter treats.

    Grow A Garden Patch

    You can dedicate a small patch in the garden to plant herbs, flowers, and saplings. Kids can be given a small space and just let them lose to grow the greens. They will love it and feel happy and relaxed.


    With all these activities planned, kids will indeed have a fun-filled break. Make sure to have a relaxed holiday and spend quality time with your family and loved ones.