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Gardening Hacks That Make a Difference

    Home improvement is an essential need of every United States citizen. Decorating the outdoor space with potted plants and creating raised beds, garden beds, vegetable garden, and herb garden is a great idea. Organic gardening is another trending home decor idea. This article highlights the application of lawn equipment and readily available items like a coffee filter, egg cartons, and milk jug to enhance the lawn and garden. It also gives useful hacks to use garden tools in the best way. If you’re looking for the best gardening tips that make a difference, this is your perfect destination.   

    Reorganize Your Potted Plants 

    Potted plants are great for your garden when you wish to reorganize them time and again. To do so, you need a group of pots of the same size and place one pot into another. After that, put your plants in doubled pots, and bury them at ground level, so anytime you want a change, lift the top pot and place it in another. This method lets you bring plants inside during freezing winters. These potted plants are also excellent for quickly changing out seasonal plants, and allows for easy experimentation with flowers, color, and plants.   

    Best Outdoor Space Hacks

    1. You can repurpose eggshells, lemon rinds, empty egg cartons, and ice cream cones as pots for growing a wide variety of plants. Egg cartons, filled with potting soil, are excellent for plants. Empty Milk Jug can be converted into a watering can. If you have only one watering can, you need to refill it four or five times to water all outdoor space plants. Instead of buying another overpriced watering can, coffee cups or old milk jug acts as a great gardening tool. Make holes in the milk jug cap, fill it with water, and water your garden beds. 
    2. If slugs or insects are tormenting your vegetable garden, you can capture them by setting out a beer dish. Essentially plant vegetables without any fear of destruction. Spread rinsed and crushed eggshells at the base of your plants to help deter any residual slugs. After planting garden beds, place a cardboard or newspaper layer to block weeds and grass sprouts without spreading chemicals or spending money. You can cut the bottoms of milk jugs to protect seedlings while they get started and create a little warm greenhouse for raised beds.
    3. Daily watering, potting the seedlings and relaxing in a lounge chair, relishing raised beds’ beauty is wonderful. But to keep the potting soil from draining with the water from the holes in the bottom of the potted plants, coffee filters are great. Lining the bottom of garden pots with coffee filters can be used to block potting soil seepage. The water will continue to drain easily, but it won’t take any of the dirt with it. Old sponges are useful to absorb water and prevent potted plants’ roots from rotting.
    4. Epsom salt (hydrated magnesium sulfate) is an editorially chosen product purchased by many gardeners as an excellent fertilizer. Magnesium is great for seed germination in garden beds and potted plants, absorption of vital nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, and chlorophyll production. Add two teaspoons of salt to one gallon of water (in an empty milk jug) per month. Apply as a foliar spray because misting increases plant growth. It is excellent for raised beds and vegetable gardens.  

    DIY lawn equipment and garden tools 

      • You can edge your garden beds, raised beds, and flowerbeds by laying down a 2×6 inches board. Hold the board with your foot and drive flat lawn equipment such as spade along the board’s edge. Move the board as required to create a clean and straight line.
      • Use a mailbox hidden behind shrubs near your vegetable garden to provide a convenient home for garden tools. It costs less and serves a wide variety of purposes. Always have the accurate tools to plant vegetables, raised beds, and garden beds. 
      • Using forks in a herb garden as garden tools to prevent the cats from trodding over them, spacing direct-sow seeds uniformly by pressing the bottom of a muffin tin into the freshly tilled soil neat and tidy herb garden are some of the best garden tools.  


    In this article, the gardening hacks that make a difference in your lawn and garden are given. Home improvement includes applying items like a coffee filter, milk jug, and egg cartons as lawn equipment. Making holes in the bottom of potted plants is great to prevent potting soil from draining. For beautiful potted plants and vegetable gardens, use the perfect garden tools. Plant vegetables and create herb gardens (on raised beds) using organic gardening techniques. Use gardening tips for growing a wide variety of plants in the outdoor space and create a neat and tidy garden.