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Helpful Tips for Building Your Own Treehouse


    “Treehouse” this word can run a lot of feelings and memories in our minds. A treehouse isn’t meant only for kids; it is for anyone with unique imagination and creativity. Building a treehouse for kids is one of the most adventurous things to do as parents. Your kids will love hanging out with friends, reading, or playing there. Playing in a treehouse gives children a sense of freedom when they are right in front of your eyes in the backyard. If you think hiring a professional would be a complete hassle and could cost you many dollars, we have a solution for you. 

    Luckily you can make a treehouse for your kids without any help from a professional. Here are some helpful tips to help you get going. 

    What to consider in the site? 

    While selecting a place for a treehouse, choose a healthy, non lived wood that gives the house maximum support. You can also use more than one tree. This way, your treehouse would be bigger, and you have to use less bracing. You have to consider three main things before finalizing your tree(s):

    • Type of tree
    • Height 
    • Proximity to neighbors.

    Oak, Maple, or Fir tree would be suitable for building a treehouse. Make sure you don’t choose a tree that is too old or too young as it could not give enough support. It’s advised to select a tree that will let you make a treehouse 6-10 feet above the ground for height. 

    Consider stability and weight 

    To ensure the safety of your kids, construct the platform as near to the trunk as possible. It would be best to add diagonal bracing for extra support. If you want to make a massive treehouse, you can spread the weight among many trees. 

    You can also choose a support structure like poles or bolts. In the former method, sturdy poles are placed in the ground near the tree, and they, rather than the tree itself, give support to the treehouse. You can directly bolt the floor of the treehouse to the trunk of the tree for the bolting method. 

    Keep space for the tree to grow

    Make sure you leave room around the treehouse so that the tree has enough space to grow. Tree trunks and branches grow both in length and width. You can add spacers between the tree and beams for allowing movement. Make sure you leave the necessary adjustments. 

    Level the floor of the treehouse

    To keep your treehouse stable, center the trunk’s load and distribute the weight among many branches. Once the floor is stable and strong, you can quickly build the rest of the house. 

    How to access the treehouse?

    Kids will get on their favorite spot many times during the day so try to give them comfortable and safe access. You can either build a staircase, traditional ladder or use a rope or climbing system on the tree. Every option will let your child get in and out very quickly and safely. The safest option would be a staircase or inclined ramp, but you’ll have to work extra hard for it. 

    Add your own touch

    Don’t forget to accessorize your beautiful creation. Just a bunch of things and your fort is ready! You can decorate your treehouse with a few benches or chairs, lantern or lights, pulley or basket system for midtime snacks, mailbox, speaking tube, binoculars, and a trap door. These ideas will make a treehouse a fun zone for your kids. Also, the best thing would be to include your kids’ ideas into your expertise. 

    Go for the right material

    As we know, treehouses are made out of wood. But some woods are better than the other in terms of strength and durability. Your choice could be pine and oak since they are lightweight and can withstand many years among the trees.

    Similarly, make sure the screws are durable and galvanized. You’re putting your efforts so that the treehouse could last for many years, so make sure there isn’t any compromise with quality. 

    Build a secure treehouse

    For making the treehouse more secure, you can consider a few things. These things include building railings around the treehouse to prevent falls and mishaps. Also, it’s a good practice to apply mulch on the ground near the treehouse. This will provide a soft cushiony surface to your kids if, unfortunately, they fall from the treehouse. 

    Make sure you don’t leave any nails exposed during the construction as it may cause serious injury. 

    To Sum It Up

    There’s no need to spend a hefty amount or hire someone to bring your kids’ dreams into reality. You can make the construction project a fun-loving and family-friendly activity. Make sure you check the sturdiness of the treehouse after the bad weather, like after rainy or snowy days. We hope you make good memories with your kids, that lasts for years to come!