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How To Create A Bar Cart

    A bar cart is a chic and functional piece of furniture that comes in handy to keep all the beverages, glasses, and drinkware needed to prepare a cocktail. It is a piece of furniture that goes well with home decor. A contemporary bar cart from a store can cost you a lot of money. There are many DIY projects that you can look up to create a stylish and practical bar cart at a much lower price. Sometimes you can even create magic by applying spray paint to pieces of wood you got from nearby yard sales. 

    One of the following DIY bar cart ideas will be perfect for your place and match your style. It will not only look attractive but also be a handy piece of furniture. DIY bar carts can be a great idea as they will not cost you a fortune.

    Old Suitcase Turned To A Bar Cart

    You can pick an old trunk or suitcase from a nearby garage sale and convert it into a classic bar cart. All you need to do is clean it up, paint if needed and place all the essentials you need to create the magical cocktail. This temporary bar cart can be stored and taken out whenever needed. You can also set it on a stand to make it look like an attractive piece of furniture.

    Record Rack 

    Your old vinyl record rack can easily become a bar cart. Just take out that rusted piece from the backyard and use an excellent, bright metallic spray paint to cover up the rust.  It will give a nice contemporary look to the bar cart. 

    Tv Stand 

    Your old TV stand can be a beautiful bar cart by using spray paint. TV stands have a lot of storage space. You can easily keep all the glasses, beverages, and mixers on the stand.

    Old Plant Stand 

    All you need to do is clean it up correctly and spray the stand with a color of your choice. 

    Utility Cart 

    A home utility cart is an easy choice for a bar cart. It is best suited for small spaces. Apply a layer of bright colored paint and place a marble contact paper to convert the utility cart to a chic bar cart.

    Wooden DIY Bar Cart

    Many DIY wooden bar cart ideas are available on the net. It is a straightforward and intelligent way to serve your drinks. The chic-looking cart can be easily made at home using simple wood boards, flanges, and plastic tubing. It also provides a lot of storage space.​

    Typewriter Table/ Laptop Table 

    The table’s top shelf is generally expandable, which gives a lot of counter space to keep all the essentials. Just do a quick clean-up and paint it with a color of your choice.

    Liquor Cart 

    You can change an old vintage liquor cart to a contemporary bar cart by painting it with lovely metallic shades. Clean it up and remove the rust before painting the liquor cart.  

    Old Metal Cart 

    Apply some primer and spray paint to convert the old metal cart to a new chic bar cart. Do a proper clean-up and apply Rust-Oleum paint. It will give a new look to the old rusted metal cart.

    Wood Kitchen Cart 

    The wood kitchen cart can easily be a bar cart by applying paint and wood wax. It has a lot of storage and counter space.

    Styling The Bar Cart

    Here are some ideas on styling the bar cart so that it looks chic and matches your taste.

    1. Do Not Overcrowd

    You must not overfill the cart with bottles and glasses. You must focus on quality rather than quantity. All you need is a choice of good spirits to make a magical drink, a set of cocktail tools that include the lime squeezer, strainer, mixing tin, muddler, and some glasses. Store the surplus wine or liquor in the pantry for later use.

    1. Use Accessories In The Bar Cart

    Your bar cart would look chic with the correct combination of color and texture. You can place some lovely coasters and colorful straws to accompany the cocktails. Keep cocktail napkins, cocktail stirs, and toothpicks handy to add a personal touch.

    1. Go Green

    Placing some greens along is always a good idea. They always add up a dose of happiness and charm. You may keep a small indoor plant or a bouquet at the side of the cart. You can place small rosemary, basil, or mint shrubs that can also come in handy while preparing cocktails. 

    1. Place Your Favorite Cocktail Book

    Your favorite cocktail recipe book is a great way to decorate the bar cart. Stack a few books below a bottle of wine or on the lower shelf of the cart. It looks classy and comes in handy while you prepare an exotic cocktail.


    Creating and styling your bar cart using these ideas will help you stay within budget. The chic piece of furniture will add up to the décor of your home, and you, along with family and friends, can enjoy classic drinks on the weekend.