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How To Know Which Watermelon To Choose

    The field spot is one of the most significant indicators of a good watermelon, and if nothing else, this is the tip that you need to keep in your mind when choosing a watermelon. The field spot is a spot on the watermelon that is not green; but instead, it looks like a creamy yellow spot. Therefore, the watermelon will look very different from the other side. 

    If the yellow spot is very yellow, that is a good sign because it indicates the watermelon was on the vine for a long time, which means that the watermelon is much sweeter. On the other hand, if you cannot see a yellow spot or if the area is white, then it means that the watermelon came off the vine before time, and it would be best if you do not choose that particular watermelon. Instead, look for a watermelon with a dark yellow spot because that watermelon will be the sweetest.

    Pick A Dull-looking Watermelon

    Not everything that looks shiny is good, and this applies to watermelons as well. For example, you might see a lovely watermelon, and it might look as though the watermelon is shiny outside, and it might be sweet, but actually, the watermelons that are dull are sweet. This is because when watermelons are unripe, they shine, and as time passes, they get duller and sweeter. 

    Knock On The Watermelon With Your Knuckles 

    The first two points can show use if a watermelon is not ripe or just right, and this third step can be a great indicator to show you if the watermelon is spoiled or not. If you knock on the melons, then your knuckles should bounce off them, and the surface of the watermelon should be hard and firm. 

    If that happens, then it can show you that the watermelon is ripe and filled with water. On the other hand, if your knuckles do not bounce off the watermelon, then it means that the watermelon is starting to spoil, and you should choose another watermelon.

    Get The Heaviest Watermelon For Its Size

    If there is a group of watermelons that are all the same size, you should choose a watermelon that is the heaviest of the lot. This is because that indicates that the watermelon that you select has the most water. This does not just go for watermelons. But you can use this tip for all products that you buy.

    Look For A Watermelon With A Uniform Shape 

    When you buy watermelons, you will notice that some watermelons are round while others are oval. That is perfectly fine, and you can choose either of those shapes when it comes to watermelons. However, suppose you find that watermelon is irregular or it has bumps on it. In that case, that could mean that the watermelon has varying amounts of sun and water, which has to cause uneven growth in the watermelon. 

    Look For Sugar Spots And Pollination Points

    If you buy watermelon and see a black spot on the watermelon, that spot is where sugar seeps out of the watermelon, which is an excellent indication of sweet watermelon.  If you see spots in a line, those are the pollination points, and the more of them you see on your watermelon, the better it is. You can look for sugar spots and pollination points whenever you pick up watermelon to buy. 


    It might seem daunting to pick up a watermelon because you cannot see how it looks inside. All these tips as relatively easy to follow, and you can use these to ensure that you buy the best watermelons possible. Some of these tips are common, and you might have heard about them, while there are others that you might not have heard before, but all of these tips are great, and they work.