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How To Make Extra Money From Home

    After the coronavirus pandemic hit, people started transiting to full-time work-from-home arrangements. But that’s not the only reason why Americans are inclined toward working from home. Many employers offer more flexible work arrangements to attract employees who prefer the freedom to perform their duties from just about anywhere. 

    Whether you want to spend more time with your kids or want a more flexible way of earning, there are many ways to earn extra money from home. Here’s a list of 8 such activities you can adopt to earn extra money while you’re at home or make a full-time profession out of your hobby. 

    Start A Blog And Share Your Insights 

    Blogs aren’t just for bored people to share their thoughts about anything and everything. Writing blogs is one of the most flexible jobs one can have and can be a legitimate source of income for serious bloggers. The blogging journey begins with an idea, and it can be about anything. Another reason why blogging is so in trend is that it generates passive income. This means you earn money whenever someone reads your blogs. So, as soon as you get a nice amount of people reading your articles, you start making money. If being a professional writer is your concern, don’t worry as you don’t have to be specific in blogging; you write how you talk. 

    Virtual Tutoring – Become An Online Teacher

    Virtual tutoring is a personal way to earn money by sharing your subject matter expertise. Unlike online courses, which are available to hundreds of customers at a time, online teaching is a more personal and one-on-one affair.  However, to maximize the chances of becoming a successful online teacher, make sure you stick to the subjects you know well. In addition, choose a reputable visibility venue, price your services in line with the market, and schedule batches sensibly. Also, don’t forget to promote yourself. 

    Sell Your Photography

    If you have completed any photography course or you’ve got some natural skills, you can earn money through it. Stock photography websites are repositors of photographs of every kind you could imagine. You could upload images allowing businesses, magazines, bloggers, and graphic designers to buy them. What’s best, these stock images can be sold any number of times so you can make money without making a continuous effort. You can check these sites to sell your images :

      • Adobe Stock
      • Shutter Stock
      • Etsy
      • Crestock
      • Alamy

    Create How-To Videos

    In the recent years, YouTube has grown into one of the largest platforms for all sorts of videos and guides. You can create your channel and monetize it further to earn money through your videos. All you have to do is create informative videos on any matter of your expertise and upload them on your channel. As soon as the channel reaches the minimum required watch time hours and subscribers, YouTube starts paying you for every view and likes further. But it’s not that simple. You have to be consistent with your videos, promote your channel on different social media platforms, engage with the subscribers, and produce high-quality content. 

    Be A Virtual Assistant

    New entrepreneurs and busy officials often lack the resources, time, or office space to hire an on-site assistant. Therefore, many business owners choose to hire virtual assistants (VAs) on a contract or part-time basis. You can become a virtual assistant and work as per your convenience or client’s requirements. First, however, make sure you discuss all the terms, payment options, and the agreed rate per hour. To start, you can refer to freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. 

    Sell Your Unwanted Stuff 

    Before you head toward monetizing your personal and professional skills, why not earn some money by making a little space in your home? Selling the unwanted stuff on platforms like eBay or Craiglist is a great way to downsize your clutter while earning some extra income on the side. This will especially help you if you want to create a work-from-home set-up as you’ll get extra space and extra money as well. You can sell unused furniture, old well-conditioned clothes, electronics, watches, or even cars and bikes. If you don’t want to use online platforms, you can even organize a garage sale in the traditional way. 

    Try Store Space Leasing

    Did you know you can convert your extra space into a storage unit? If you have an underutilized garage, attic, or basement, they could earn you money. You can sign up to peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms like, which connects people who need extra storage space with folks who have it and aren’t using it. However, the platform takes its cut in the rent you’re getting, but that too isn’t a bad deal because you’ll earn passive income for doing nothing at all. 

    The Bottom Line

    That’s how you can make extra money at home. Some of these opportunities include either passive income or spare-time activities that can earn you extra money. However, some activities such as freelance writing and teaching are really scalable and can earn you a full-time income. Making some extra money isn’t very complicated. All you need is a bit of knowledge, some gadgets, a work set-up, and you’re good to go. But, make sure you research the platform before signing up and delivering your services to clients.