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How To Save Money On A Bathroom Remodel

    It’s good to be rational while you are remodeling your bathroom with a tight budget. Bathrooms and kitchens with consistent usage get damaged and lose their attractive look. Most homeowners would like to transform these main areas of the house. Small or extensive remodeling of bathrooms can be a little costlier, and an entire bathroom revamping can be very expensive. According to your liking and preference, transforming your bathroom can cost you tens of thousands of dollars; therefore, look at the ingenious ways to have a budget bathroom revamping that suits your pocket.

    Budget-friendly Ideas Don’t Include:

    • Demolishing The Entire Room
    • Creating A New Layout
    • Making Space For New Windows
    • Breaking Ceilings

    Prep The Walls

    One of the best ways of revamping your bathroom walls is wallpapers. It’s much easier than tiling and cost-effective. This DIY idea is pretty handy; all you need to do is peel it off and paste it on the walls. It’ll cost you around $90. If you live in a small apartment, metallic wallpapers will create a bigger space and make it look brighter. Additionally, you can change these in two to three years without hurting your pocket. 

    Alternatively, you can paint your washroom walls to refurbish them and give them a new look within your budget. Try exploring water-proof and mold-resistant paints for better results.

    Refurbish The Floors

    Trends in bathroom styles change every year and bring freshness to your home. Original and concrete floorboards are getting popular these days and are in high demand. Homeowners are choosing fit, warm, rustic, and completed floorboards for their modern bathrooms. It is good to remodel your bathrooms after a certain period as you can never know what is going on underneath your bathroom floors. 

    You can enhance the natural beauty of original sturdy floorboards without investing too much money. There are ways to improve the quality of your bathroom floors; one of the ways could be sanding the floors for a warm finish that reveals grit and grains. Another way to get high-end bath flooring for a much lesser amount is a simple coating of tinted varnish.


    Vanities play a significant role in changing your bathroom look. One of the perfect ways to get a good option for less is to remodel your old furniture. Besides, you can go to the nearest yard sale or go to the flea market to analyze various alternatives.


    The bathtub is typically a luxurious accessory in most homes. One can spend more on an incredible shower and designer bathroom tiles. In the process of remodeling the bathroom, if the budget is tight, still, you can transform your bathroom. However, it is a little on the higher side of cost; it is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to your bathroom update. Multiple options are there to pick from, and various designs are not heavy on your pocket.

    Pendant Lights

    One of the most cost-effective and classy elements of a budget bathroom revamp pendant lighting. Pendant lights can brighten up your house quickly if you have a modern bath or a vintage rustic-themed room decor. Fashionable designs and innovative styles transform your bathrooms. Choose a type and enhance the decor and aura of your bathroom. 

    LED Lights

    You must be pleasantly surprised to know that lights can improve your mood, hence add LEDs. Easy to attach, the light strips are budget-friendly and look superb. They are available in many colors, for example, warm white, blue, pink, and white. Just putting it under the mirror gives the bathroom a new decorative look and feel. These are a perfect and sustainable alternative for bathrooms as they don’t leave a shadow.

    Put In A Standard Toilet

    Replace old-fashioned water-wasting toilets with a new water-saving unit. Choosing a well-designed but straightforward toilet that serves good flushing performance and doesn’t use too much water in the process is the best idea.


    It is worth the time to pay adequate attention to bathroom details. Items that can make a difference include bath mats, beautiful artificial flowers, a toilet, changing old fixtures with new ones, and new lights. Small changes can make a massive difference in the look and feel of the decor of the bathroom.